Knitting Pattern for Leftover Yarn Knitted Hats

Scrap Yarn Hats

Both hats were knitted with scrap yarns I had leftover from other projects.
Both hats were knitted with scrap yarns I had leftover from other projects. | Source

Ugly Hat Syndrome

I can't help but want to knit hats this year. My teenage kids have each claimed several hats for themselves, with my son selecting the ugliest ones to wear. The rest of the hats are being picked out by their friends. It's almost become an ugly hat trend at their school. These hats are being knitted with leftover medium worsted weight yarn and the stripes barely match, but the results are cool looking hats. I'm told that the uglier they are the better.

Knit Hat Pattern

Size 9 knitting needles.

Yarn: different colors in medium weight 4 yarn.

Cast on 70, leaving a long tail, about 12 inches.

For the hat brim: *knit, purl* across for 6 rows.

For the pattern, knit 2 rows one color, knit 2 rows a different color. Carry yarn not in use up the back.

Continue the 2 row pattern until the hat length is 9 inches. Bind off and leave a long tail, about 12 inches.

Fold hat in half, wrong side facing out, and sew up side, using the tail from the hat brim.

With bind off tail, weave it through the bind off stitches. Pull tight, like a drawstring bag, and knot top hole closed.

Weave in any extra pieces of yarn, turn right side and and wear with pride.

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sestasik 5 years ago

Those hats might not look "chic", but I don't know that I'd call them ugly :). Compared to some of the things teens wear today, those are right nice looking!

stephaniedas profile image

stephaniedas 5 years ago from Miami, US

That is awesome that your kids and their friends are starting a new trend at school with your hats. But I have to agree with sestasik- they aren't ugly!

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thir3dpart 5 years ago

Good looking comfy hats. You can also make a tighter fitting brim by knitting it in a one size smaller needles than the body.

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