Discover the Lighthouse and Nautical Canvas Art of Artist Frank Roosa!

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This art studio is owned by renowned artist Frank Roosa with "nautical fiction writer" wife; Valerie Roosa is an authentic art studio comprised of outstanding designs for book illustrations, masterful picture “art for sale” oil paintings, and book cover editing services, located in the famous Great Lakes region.

A fundamental introduction to Frank Roosa’s masterworks is noted here. To acquire an exclusive assimilation of his ostentatious oil paintings, Illustrations, and seascapes, you are directed to visit Frank Roosa’s art studio “Day Star Art Studio” in his hometown of West Olive, Michigan and the website displays his art. His vivid discerningly painted art work will take your breath away!

Frank Roosa delicately deciphers manuscripts into professional, authentic illustrations; by prudently turning contemplated writing work into a masterpiece of literary art. His creative design services make writing a published book blissful. He works cautiously in producing an illustrated work for you to your utmost satisfaction while his wife, Valerie eloquently edits your book and book cover. In addition to Frank Roosa’s book illustrating services, he has for sale exquisite “oil on canvas” paintings of beautiful lighthouses, striking nautical subjects, surreal and zealous landscapes and seascapes.

"Muskegon Light" oil on canvas by Frank Roosa
"Muskegon Light" oil on canvas by Frank Roosa | Source

Muskegon Light

First established in 1851 the Muskegon South Pier Light Station, located in Central West Michigan is no longer functioning or accessible to the public; however, its rich history and bright-red color have primarily sparked interest in lighthouse art masterpieces. Frank Roosa magically paints the majestic splender of this beautiful red lighthouse eloquently with an inviting flair to stopover the dominant grounds.

"Manistee Lighthouse" oil on canvas by Frank Roosa.
"Manistee Lighthouse" oil on canvas by Frank Roosa. | Source

Manistee Lighthouse

The Manistee lighthouse is a daunting breakwater lighthouse towering over 39 feet. It was first built in 1870 and burned the following year in The Great Fire of 1871. The lighthouse was rebuilt to include in 1927 a pioneering tall, white, cylindrical cast iron tower; still operational in the harbor of Manistee, Michigan, shining out over "Lake Michigan's Victorian Port City.” An elevated catwalk used by keepers to access the light in boisterous weather connects the perfect lighthouse to the shoreline.

Gifted artist Frank Roosa opulently captures the essence of the grand "Manistee Lighthouse" in an eyecatching 16 X 20 oil painting, with warm hues and alluring colors, a most delightful addition in a foyer or hallway at a reasonable cost.

"Marble Head Light" oil on canvas by Frank Roosa.
"Marble Head Light" oil on canvas by Frank Roosa. | Source

Marble Head Light

It deemed the oldest continuous operating lighthouse beacon in the Great Lakes region. "Marblehead Lighthouse” has captured the minds of inspired artists in designing a Marblehead Lighthouse postage stamp and a popular Ohio automobile license plate, including sparking the interest of a proficient artist Frank Roosa.

Located at the base of Sandusky Bay at Bay Point, Ohio, Marblehead Lighthouse safely guides, nautical travelers through the unique Sandusky Bay and Lake Erie area. Frank Roosa magically highlights the bold demeanor of this massive over powering lighthouse in his “Marblehead Lighthouse” oil painting. With the bay looking rugged and wild; travelers critically appreciate the secure sanctuary vastly accessible by this magnificent lighthouse.

The Squall by gifted artist Frank Roosa.
The Squall by gifted artist Frank Roosa. | Source

The Squall

No one wants to be caught in an ocean storm like this lovely creation vividly captured by Frank Roosa in "The Squall” oil painting below. A sense of rocking with strong hurricane-force winds is felt in the midst of admiring this nautical work of art. Frank Roosa’s chosen colors are undauntedly rash with a sturdy word of caution; an innocent correlation to the firm emotions depicted in Vincent Van Gogh's famous "Starry Night" landscape painting. One could almost feel the correlations of their hard whirlwinds and squally weather.

"Starry Night" by Vincent van Gogh

Beautiful Oil Painting Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh is mesmerizing! It resembles the brush strokes of Frank Roosa in the Squall.
Beautiful Oil Painting Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh is mesmerizing! It resembles the brush strokes of Frank Roosa in the Squall. | Source
"Follow The Light" by Frank Roosa
"Follow The Light" by Frank Roosa | Source

Follow The Light

Frank Roosa's "Follow the Light" oil on canvas painting intensely depicts a saving light brightly shining in the forest. The glaring sun rays are filled with life-saving energy and enthusiasm; a pure light illuminating the way back home whilst you may have lost your way in a mysterious and ominous chilly forest.

He astoundingly and cleverly makes use of intuitive color combination in making the trees overpowering, and sinisterly looking for a model of quiet serenity shining from an affectionate sunshine "a light shining in the darkness" per se.

You can easily see the greenish moss on the forest floor and feel the misty gray mist; again, you find solace in a heavenly angelic light, a cheer for sore eyes, an artist's masterpiece.

"A Quiet Stream" illustration by Frank Roosa
"A Quiet Stream" illustration by Frank Roosa | Source

A Quiet Stream

"A Quiet Stream" is a fine print art piece by Frank Roosa that is capable of taking his lovely audience to a gentle, calm serenity; a quiet oasis near a flowing stream for the most notable picnic lunch. One can hear the expressed stillness with birds chirping and crickets singing in the background; a secret place for an implicit self-assessment.

Frank Roosa's Nautical Cover


In Shadow on the Water, a mysterious turn of events during the war of 1812 sends Henry Stapleton, a victim of the British press gangs at the beginning of the war, into dangerous circumstances in Boston. His loyalties are pushed to the limits as he risks a daring escape on a privateering schooner, and ends up dueling with her captain. Who are his friends, and who are his enemies within the political and naval maelstrom of war? The adventure continues . .


Shadow on the Water

Frank Roosa’s world of work is clearly reflected in his powerful art pieces. He innocently and fully engages his audience genuinely. A deep appreciation is felt for his attention to detail, choice of subject matter and striking color palette. His art forms a vivid experience in one's imagination at times, with a calming effect or strong emotion. His dainty book illustrations take on a similar stature.

In particular, Frank Roosa movingly illustrated Valerie Roosa's nautical fiction novels centered on the subject of the War of 1812, in "Shadow on the Water" and "True Colors." Valerie Roosa’s naval fiction books depict the mingling of the turbulent hardship endured by some with an endearing contrast to the flourishing lifestyle enjoyed by a select minority among the native Americans of the early nineteenth century. An engaging read indeed!

A True Colors Book Cover Drawn By Franklin J, Roosa

True Colors
True Colors

True Colors by Valerie Roosa, is historical nautical fiction at its finest. In this book Valerie has achieved an intriguing blend of history and fiction.


More Samples of Frank Roosa's Manuscript Illustrations.

This is an illustrated cartoon depicted and drawn by Franklyn J. Roosa
This is an illustrated cartoon depicted and drawn by Franklyn J. Roosa | Source
Another  picture of a girl  in cartoon likeness, getting out of bed with a little help from a loving mom.
Another picture of a girl in cartoon likeness, getting out of bed with a little help from a loving mom. | Source
Another illustration of a spectacular class reunion drawn by Frank Roosa
Another illustration of a spectacular class reunion drawn by Frank Roosa | Source

You will be surely pleased with the art of Franklyn J. Roosa or Frank Roosa of Day Star Art Studio's masterful artwork of the famous lights in the Americas, whether it’s an “oil on canvas” picture painting, a book illustration, or a quality print replica.

© 2010 Sheila Craan

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acaetnna profile image

acaetnna 6 years ago from Guildford

This is lovely Craan, I have always appreciated Van Gogh's work in particular and love 'Starry Night'.

Craan profile image

Craan 6 years ago from Florida Author

Thank you Acaetnna and Sophia! The movement in Frank Roosa's "Squall" oil painting and "Starry Night" depict tumultuousness weather keenly observed by their deep brush strokes. Oil paintings of seascapes and landscapes always add a dainty touch in lovely decorated living rooms.

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oliversmum 6 years ago from australia

Craan. Hi. What a wonderful hub, with so much information.I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

The pictures are beautiful, particularly loved Frank Roosa.

Thanks for sharing this great hub with us. :) :)

Craan profile image

Craan 6 years ago from Florida Author

Your welcome Oliversman! Frank Roosa is incredibly awesome! His oil paintings exceedingly attract attention and create genuine emotion.

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3 Finger Reader 6 years ago

Thanks for the info about this artist. I love lighthouse paintings and pictures very much!

Craan profile image

Craan 6 years ago from Florida Author

Thanks for stopping by 3 Finger Reader! Frank Roosa's lighthouse pictures are incredible awesome with a keen attention to detail. I'm happy you enjoy them!

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