Lightweight Artists Aluminium Easel With Travel Bag

Aluminium Artists Easel

An aluminium artists easel is lightweight which makes it portable and I am interested to know if that they are much better than the traditional wooden artists easel, although a lighter more portable aluminium easel is preferred when you paint outdoors, although you may need something to keep it steady and in place on a breezy day like a bag filled with a few stones hung at the base of the work area or canvas display area.

I've ordered an aluminium easel and am interested to compare the differences in more detail, but the benefits of having a couple of artists easels to use, one for displaying art and the other for taking out and about. With the accompanying travel bag the aluminium easel packs away and becomes quite small and compact and just perfect for carrying around.

Although when I read some reviews of the aluminium artists easel there was the uneasy feeling that they weren't sturdy enough and would fall over and also they don't seem to be good for small spaces to set up, which is as usual with most standard artists easels, especially when you extend the legs and have to have an equal tripod triangular standing easel set up so that it is rock solid.

You don't have to extend the legs at all times though, you could use it as a table top easel and draw and paint on it, as well as display your art on it.

So check them out on Amazon.

Lightweight Aluminium Easel

Aluminium artist easel with travel bag for portable artistic work.
Aluminium artist easel with travel bag for portable artistic work. | Source

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Artists Aluminium Easel 3 comments

vocalcoach profile image

vocalcoach 6 years ago from Nashville Tn.

What good information! Really like this. Lightweight is such a plus. Thanks. Rated up

waynet profile image

waynet 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Yeah I know my wooden easel needs quite a bit of space to set it up.

robertsloan2 profile image

robertsloan2 6 years ago from San Francisco, CA

These are particularly good if you're going somewhere outdoors and don't want to carry a lot of weight. It's important to bring the stone bag or hang your backpack under it or something if there's wind though. Indoors, you do need a lot of space to set one up.

I think it's pretty cool. I have one and it's proved very handy.

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