Louis Bouche

Louis Bouche (1896-1969) was an American painter, who made a reputation first as a muralist, then as a painter of realistic scenes of daily life in American cities and small towns. His loose brushwork and bright colors are in the French impressionist tradition.

Bouche was born on March 18, 1896, in New York City. He studied art in Paris (1910-1915) and at the Art Students League in New York. Until 1932 he painted many murals, including those in Radio City Music Hall, New York City, and in the buildings of the departments of Justice and of the Interior in Washington, D. C. His paintings, first exhibited in New York City in 1922, include Ten Cents a Ride (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City and Stamford Harbor (Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City). Bouche died in Pittsfield, Mass., on August 7, 1969.

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