Love Abstract Paintings

I will do what ever it take to get the Abstract Painting I Want

I really love searching for abstract paintings for my collection. It is a lot of work finding these paintings, but it's what I love doing. I like the rare type of work done from artist such as gouache. I guess its because it's a technique that is used by many artist. My most resent purchase was from Oscar Blumner the painting had been stored away for over 20 years, not being enjoyed by anyone. I have hung the painting in my office at home where it adds a touch of class.

Recently I found these really old oil abstract painting dating back to the late 1940's and was painted by Louis Bassi Siegriest. He was commercial artist that belong the Society of Six, his art was considered fine-art. What I loved about his composition is that it felt oddly soothing. What I like about this painting is that he signed the back of the painting making it unique. I paid a fortune for this and it was way out of my price range but it was well worth the financial strain.

I bought a painting called Trade Winds from the Artist Joanne Riddle when I was out visiting friends in New York. The piece was so huge that I had to hire a freight company to send back home. This blue abstract painting was so real the whole composition really gave me a good feeling inside.

My Brother in law had this fantastic painting by Leonardo Nierman which I just had to have. The medium used to create this painting was oil and was really just something I just had to have. By Brother in Law saw how much I loved it and the me have it for nothing. It was unframed and buying a nice frame to bring out it brilliance was my next venture.

I was once invited to attend a dinner for our Mayor at is residence and once again I was on the hunt for another abstract paining. I loved the painting so much that I offered the Mayor over three thousand dollars. The Artist of this painting used a nice patriotic red, white and blue. I really thought this would look great in my Stepfathers Den. No luck this time the Mayor Just would not part with this piece of art.

My dad being from Santa Fe has decorated his entire house with painting from both Santa Fe and Taos. I just love going home to visit my dad and enjoy all of the wondrous art work of the Great South West. I contributed a painting from Lou Monti to collection since my dad has seen his work at a number of homes and just caries on how much he loves his work. He has this painting hanging on the a wall in the living room.

Even when I was dating I would find pieces of art that I really admired. One man I dated had a abstract painting by Robert Gilberg on his wall. Everytime I visited my boyfriend the painting look different. That painting had a attraction that I gust cant explain. I took a picture of the painting and its not the same but a least I still and admire its uniqueness. He knew how much I loved it but would not part with it I guess he loved this paint just as much as I did.

I always looking for painting for myself as well as my family members. I was bought a painting for my brothers apartment. The abstract painting that I had acquired for him ended up being a little too large for his small apartment but he now has it at his house in his master bedroom. The colors did not work in the apartment but look great in his bedroom.

I once bought a painting on eBay loving the way it look during the auction thinking it would be great for my dining room. But once I had arrived I did not like the way it look in the room. I guess it just did look great once it arrived so I put it back on the auction block and was able to make a small profit. The auction had a lot of information about the artist Richard Diebenkorn. I guess I was caught in the moment when I bought that piece it just really was not for me.

What I learned a long time ago is that an abstract painting is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. My friends just cannot agree with me on this because they believe I spend way too much in purchasing some of these abstract paintings. If someone does not like an abstract paint then it really is not worth too much. I do not like every abstract painting I see but when I find one that I love, I will do what ever I can to get obtaining it. I just love looking for Abstract paintings its what I do.

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ONEBLACKROSE45 7 years ago

I am so fascinated with people's secret art side. It's funny, I was trying to find some of Keith Richard's paintings that he did because i heard he paints very well. But all google would give me was paintings of him. And has everyone heard of "Val's art Diary"? She is a painter with a very successful youtube show and she does very well for herself, she even had an article about her in the "Wall street journal". And of course that edgy Hollywood painting duo, Sandy Martin and Tim Phoenix who have a weekly youtube show as well. It is very entertaining. Each week is a new subject matter with topics that range in every subject from, philosophy to movies to inner journeys to rock bands like The Doors and just little dramas they cook up and each week they do a new painting that coincides. Their shows and artworks can be seen on their website:

kik 6 years ago

I went to NYC recently and actually saw the show Uncle Big by Michael Williams at Canada gallery. His abstract paintings are pretty awesome. The colors are amazing and the textures of his paintings are remind me of thick, patterned textiles.

Robert Kernodle profile image

Robert Kernodle 6 years ago

It's good to know that there are people who can express such passion for this sort of art. While I am somewhat of a rebel when it comes to accepting the orthodox definition of "abstract painting", I understand that we have to use words to classify objects in certain ways.

In this respect, I myself make (or have made) "abstract paintings". I call the style "fluidism", which also refers to my philosophy and cosmology associated with the paintings.

I invite you to give my hub pages a look see to get my perspectives on the subject.


lovelypaper profile image

lovelypaper 6 years ago from Virginia

I love abstract painting as an artist because there's no right or wrong, and as a viewer, I like to just stare at it and get lost in it. I wonder what the artist was thinking when they created it.

scheinandras profile image

scheinandras 6 years ago from UK

I'm glad to read a hub about abstract paintings. Keep up the good work! Check my new paintings out! Te are not for sale but your opinion would matter to me!

Sergei Vishinsky 6 years ago

I am glad you love abstract art, check out my art. I would love to hear what you think.

Denise Wellenstein 6 years ago

If you live near Atlanta, GA, my abstract oil paintings are showing at The Seen Gallery in Decatur.

You can also check out the paintings at:

versi 5 years ago

abstract painting is really cool because of the liberty you can have during the painting.

the more important for me is the spontaneity during the processus of work. I inspire with calligraphy, graffiti, lightpainting, street art, custom, comics, writing, action painting.


Victoria Balva 5 years ago

Very nice article! I love it! It explains everything to me from the client’s side!

Every picture is a source of information. Centuries ago people were hungry for information, so they wanted to have pictures that would bring some extra info in their life, for example, flowers, people, landscapes, something easily recognizable. Today we all are overloaded with info. It comes from everywhere: radio in the car, TV, internet, boss, mortgage… The list of these items is endless. our generation can not enjoy figurative art in full, because we all are overloaded with info and we want to feel more. Abstract paintings can make us feel more while they do not overload us with unnecessary information.

Another thing is… if the artist makes a mistake in figurative composition or the picture is not technically perfect, figurative picture will hide those mistakes because our brain will stick to the image itself. From the other side abstract picture is not able to hide artist’s mistakes, because abstract is a pure composition and technical excellence. That s why the author of the article did not like the picture that was bought on ebay. Very often in order to sell a lot of pictures on ebay artists do not try to make them technically perfect. Looks nice, but do not touch the viewer.

Artists are reflection of the society where they live. The most talented artists can see farther and guess better what people will need to see in years. That’s why it is possible for us to enjoy pictures that were created decades ago by very talented artists. Those that started earlier created a road for the rest artists, who choose that road later.

Artist can not survive without a client who will appreciate the art. And those clients always existed, because they could foresee the future with the artist. That’s why some people don’t value abstract art, they don’t see future, they don’t feel it, their minds are organized too simple.

The mind of the person who value abstract art is highly structured and well organized.

Thank you very much for your support!!!! And please forgive my imperfect English, I am a Canadian glass artist born in Ukraine

Mahmudul 5 years ago

ROBERTR Splashy Art Artist

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Beautiful original paintings for you.

Brenda Forsey 4 years ago

i too love abstracts....i have been guided to create thru the energy of love...and as with many artists..the art creates is my site if anyone is interested in seeing some of what i am doing....or check out paintings i love.... or red bubble

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