JW Massage Logo design

Process: Illustrator

Media: web and print

Size: realizable

Time: 3 hours

My brother asked me to work up a couple of ideas for logos he has not yet decided on a the name or what the name of the company is going to be, but being a family member he get my standard family discount one free design, edits are going to cost ya. My brother is a up and coming massage therapist. His market is massages in the work place.   He would come to your office, every thing would be done at the work place. they would basically be for white collar workers, doing hand and back massages, they would be done over your lunch breaks, and one of his massages could take any where from 15 to 45 minutes. if you want me to do a logo for your company or your organization contact me at mtrusen@hotmail.com     


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