Make A Cheery Pumpkin Hay Wagon

Pumpkin-Filled Hay Wagon

Easy To Make Colorful Fall Decoration

This little touch brightened the entrance way to my front door. It took about 15 minutes, or less, to create.

All you need is:

A run-down old toy wagon (mine happened to be wood),

2 or 3 silk (or plastic) fall-colored leaves and flowers

3 small pumpkins

1 medium size pumpkin

Some Halloween articles (already on hand)

The wagon has been in my garage forever, and is in need of repair, but for this project nothing more than wheeling it to the front lawn was required.

I had some unused autumn silk flowers and leaves, but you can pick them up at any dollar store or on a clearance rack at a craft store.

The pumpkins were a steal at the local flea market. I got all four pumpkins for less than $7.00.

Just propped the silk leaves and flowers in the back of the wagon, and put the small pumpkins in the front end. Put the other pumpkin on the stone flower-bed wall, and laid a Halloween spider on top. Just something I already had among some old decorations.

The ceramic pumpkin aside the medium pumpkin is another something from old decorations, and the black boo-cat hanging from the wagon tongue, was given to me many years ago from a co-worker.

Easy, quick, and colorful.

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carolina muscle profile image

carolina muscle 6 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

This is a cool idea, Ivori!!!

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