How To Make A Dice

How To Make A Dice Out Of Paper

Or 'how to make a die' as I believe it should be if I was being grammatically correct!

So maybe you are at home and wanting to play a game the involves dice and you don't have any so you need to make your own. Maybe you are just having fun with some arts and crafts with the kids and making a dice is one of those things that everyone should do at some time. Maybe there is some other reason that I can't think of that you want to make your own dice for! In any case, you have come to the right place and here I will give you a template that you can copy and use, or just instructions in how to draw and create your own dice out of paper.

Obviously to make the best dice you should use card instead of paper if you have it but if not you can certainly make a dice out of paper, it just won't be quite so sturdy :-)

Click on the image to view it full sized.
Click on the image to view it full sized.

Dice Template

So if you want to draw up your own dice template then draw six squares in the formation shown above. There are other dice template patterns that also work but I find this one easiest. Add in the tabs also as shown so that you can attach the sides of the cube together at each joint.

The key to making a dice is the pattern and in the numbering. Traditionally a dice should have the numbers applied on each side so that the opposite sides' numbers add up to 7 (hence 6 and 1, 5 and 2, 3 and 4 being opposite each other).

Cut the template out and fold at the lines of each square. Fold the flaps so that they are at 90 degrees to the sides of the dice and use glue or tape to stick the sides together and there you have it - your own dice.

If you do want to just make one quickly though click on the image above and it will be shown in full size. Download it to your computer and either print it out as it is or import the image into word and make it to the size you want (it may be a bit big as it is so you could put a couple of small ones onto a Word page).

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