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Three Great, Inexpensive DIY Homemade Gifts You Can Make

Looking for homemade gift ideas? Read on:

I love, love, love giving gifts. Birthday gifts, christmas gifts, gifts for Dad, valentine gifts. Really. So, being a waitress/eternal student, sometimes it pains me when my non-existent budget doesn't allow me to spring for a new scarf/tie/whathaveyou at Nordstrom's. Arghh. Desperate times led me to the world of giving handmade gifts. What I have found, however, is that I enjoy making homemade presents (as well as buying them!) for the people I love. I made a personalized Guess Who! (an idea I got courtesy of the awesome website Craftster) game for my boyfriend years ago as a present. Instead of the little cartoon images on the cards, I replaced them with photo print-outs of Ben's friends and family. And honestly, it's still special years later. Here are three great, inexpensive homemade gifts you can make for the boyfriend, girlfriend, Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day; what have you....Below, you'll find three homemade craft ideas that you'll have fun making and giving.

1. Personalized Guess-Who Game
A fun gift to make. Instructables did a wonderful job outline all of the steps of how you can make this great present, complete with photographs!

2. Part Organizer!
Cheap present to make.... and sure to be a hit if it's a gift for someone who never has a place to put their growing collection of handyman parts. Does your boyfriend or Dad like making things? Does he have a ton of little pieces ( nuts/bolts/connectors/whathaveyous)? This would make a wonderful and very thoughtful gift for him!

3. Chalk Erasable PlaceCard Napkin Rings
Looking for housewarming gift ideas or the perfect hostess gift? These placecard napkin rings, erasable and sleek, would also make a great and cheap wedding shower gift.Great for Moms who like to entertain or just set a beautiful table at the holidays!

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Nicole Winter profile image

Nicole Winter 7 years ago from Chicago, IL

bluewaitress: Thanks for the fantastic links and ideas on fun gifts you can DIY! I love the Part Organizer gift, what I fantastic idea... just in time for Father's Day!

samironwebtrack profile image

samironwebtrack 7 years ago

good idea....

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