Making Memory Foam At Home: A Fun Kid's Project

If you are looking for an entertaining project to keep your children occupied or to use for a home school experiment, try making your own homemade memory foam. Not only will it be an educational experience for the little ones, but you will learn a thing or two about the benefits of sleeping on foam mattresses as well.


What You Need

It may seem like making memory foam at home would be difficult and expensive, but it can actually be done with just a few basic supplies that you probably already have somewhere in your home. For instance, you can get started with a bit of packing foam, a bottle of school glue, food coloring, and some type of bowl that can be used for mixing.

With those basic supplies you can create memory foam which is very similar to the real foams that are now used in some of the best foam mattresses on the market. The only difference is the foam in a memory foam bed will be of higher density.

Benefits of the Memory Foam Project

Kids love the process of making anything for themselves, but the way memory foam forms to the shape of their fingers when they press down on it will simply amaze them. It will help with hand-eye coordination as they work it together and mix up the glue, and it will teach them a little something about the nature of memory foam in general.

What You Need To Know

In order to successfully work this type of project with your children, you need to know a little something about foam mattresses yourself. You can explain to your children about the buoyancy of the foam they made and how it is extremely similar to the foam that is used inside foam beds today.

If you have a foam bed somewhere in your home, you can even let your children feel the mattress or lie on it and notice how it forms around their body within minutes. That extra support and comfort is what makes foam beds so popular in the bedding market today.

Full Experiment

If you really enjoy the process of making your own memory foam or are looking for unique science projects to educate your children at home, consider turning the foam making experience into a full blown experiment.

You can use beds in your home to compare a memory foam bed to other types of mattresses. Maybe a cotton based futon bed in a child's room could be compared with a memory foam bed and the children could rate each bed in terms of comfort, warmth, and other factors.

This turns making their own memory foam into a more enjoyable experience, since they are making a real product and learning how it is used in our modern world.

This homemade foam can also be used by children to make foam beds for baby dolls or for other uses in the home.

Making your own memory foam at home is inexpensive and educational. It will allow you to spend more quality time with your children while understanding the technology behind memory foam beds yourself.

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