How to Make the Crackle Wood Effect Using Elmer's Glue and Paint

Do you ever want to get that wonderful crackled wood effect when designing and painting something for your home, but hate spending a crazy amount of money on the crackle paint?

I have the solution for you! Elmer's glue! It is so easy and simple to use, not to mention, CHEAP!

Take a simple, ugly piece of wood, sand it and paint it with one coat of a base color. I chose white for this project. Then let the paint dry and pour your glue right onto the wood and brush it on to cover the entire piece. Hint - if you want large crackled paint use the glue as is, if you want smaller, fine crackles, then water down the glue before applying.

This is the most important part - DO NOT LET THE GLUE DRY! Wait a little bit for the glue to start drying and then paint on your top coat. Make sure the glue is still tacky to the touch.

Paint on your top coat of choice and let it dry! Simple as that!

For this project, I watered down my top coat of paint so that I could see more of the crackled effect.

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RTalloni profile image

RTalloni 4 years ago from the short journey

The glue method works great! The instructions I had were just a little different, but obviously, not the only the directions that work.

Brooke profile image

Brooke 4 years ago from Oregon Author

I love it and it is so much cheaper than buying the real stuff :-)

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