Making Katana Swords

Japanese swords have a long history, longer than 2.000 years. The Japanese horseman required weapons suitable for surprise attacks. Blacksmith techniques were at its finest during the year 1190. to 1337. therefore swords made during that perdiod are valuable as national treasures. After that period, the samurai required longer swords more suitable for one-on-one fights, so some were even 3 ft. (90cm) long.

In the beginning of Showa period (1868. - 1926.), swords with machine-made blade were mostly made.

The following videos will show you the tools and techniques of the greatest japanese swordsmiths for making authentic samurai katana swords.

Making Katana Swords - Part 1

Making Katana Swords - Part 2

Making Katana Swords - Part 3

Making Katana Swords - Part 4

Making Katana Swords - Part 5

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ginger beer 8 years ago

because in 1867 samurai swords wer disavowwed in favour of the western pistol or revolver and were hence outlawed.................

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