Art Education: How To Paint Faces With Funny Hair

Drawing faces and painting funny hair on them is a fun way to spend time with your children, nephews, or nieces. You can even do it yourself just for kicks!

Materials Needed:

  • a piece of paper
  • a permanent pen
  • some ink or watery poster paint
  • a medicine dropper
  • a drinking straw

Step 1:

Let your child draw any face he likes with a permanent marker on a piece of paper. Have fun with it—make a story about the face as he draws. It might have seen a scary creature or is simply walking along depending on what your child draws. And don’t worry if it’s just a simple drawing.

Step 2:

Then using the medicine dropper, let him carefully blob some ink or watery poster paint on the hairline of his caricature from one ear to the other.

Step 3:

Next comes even more fun: let him point the drinking straw towards the blob of paint and start blowing through it! You can let him blow upwards to create standing-on-end hair, sidewards to create an its-windy-outside look, or downwards to make a ghost! Continue your story to match the hair.

Step 4:

When both of you are finished, leave the paper on a flat surface to dry. Remember: Tell your child not to pick up his masterpiece until it’s dried or the paint might drip all over the floor!



*Demonstration by Teacher Stella. Photos by Teacher Susan.

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madiiii 7 years ago

um thats a weird face but its good ur a good drawer

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