Student Mini-portfolios Strategy in Car Design

Sketches by designer Akos Szaz
Sketches by designer Akos Szaz | Source

This is the period during which many design students are thinking of preparing a mini portfolio. Design school is over (in Europe), students got their diploma or bachelor and now comes the hard time to face up reality out of school. To get a car design job is the new objective!

On the Internet, we can find a lot of good examples of car design mini portfolios, I wrote about this subject already but still get via email some mini portfolios with classical mistakes to avoid.

So, what do I have to check before sending my portfolio? Here a checklist for you:

  • 1. Ask yourself if you have enough info about the design studio you are sending to your book, it is important to know who they are this will give you better confidence in your projects selection and will make you feel less nervous during the interview (if you get it).
  • 2. Now take your mini portfolio and start looking at it from the first page to the last one and ask yourself: is it boring or exciting? In a few words does your book have the right professional look? Sometimes it is just a new order of your projects to change the rhythm.
  • 3. Now if the rhythm is still bad it means that the artistic part of it is weak! What I mean is: how well did you sketch or render or illustrate your design proposals? Let's be clear if you need to improve your projects do it! Sending a mediocre portfolio is the biggest mistake students can do. It will ban you from that design studio!
  • 4. Do not forget to include your CV, you have to use a simple clear graphic for your CV. The most important thing is to make sure we can read it easily and fast. Control all dates and their order and do not forget that your CV has to communicate 3 info t once and they are: who you are, what design bachelor you have, working experience if any.

Good luck!

Luciano Bove

© 2011 Luciano Bove

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Vector design profile image

Vector design 3 years ago from California

Interesting hub..these strategies are awesome.

luciano63 profile image

luciano63 3 years ago from Paris Author

Thank you!

Raushan 3 years ago

First of all thank you very much for posting this fabulous article.

I've some queries regarding the preparation of mini portfolio for design school:

Approx how many sketches should we include in our portfolio?

What should be the approx ratio of digital to pencil sketches in the portfolio?



luciano63 profile image

luciano63 3 years ago from Paris Author

Hi Raushan, thanks for your compliments!

a mini book should have from 6 to 10 projects...each one must have research sketches (like 2 or 3 pages + 3 or 4 illustrations + 2 digital) you can play with this even if you do not have 6 projects... lets say total of 6 pages per projects...40 pages including your CV ...if it is too long people will loose interest!

Raushan 3 years ago

Thank you very much sir for your reply.

Actually sir I'm not applying for any car company rather I'm applying for the one year Car Design Tool course of SPD ,milan .So as such I don't have any projects regarding transportation design(as my bachelor is in Engineering).Now sir under these contexts what should be the approx ratio of digital to pencil sketches in the portfolio?

Kind Regards


luciano63 profile image

luciano63 3 years ago from Paris Author

In this case do not worry just put well together what you have...

dhanraj 2 years ago

Hi sir,I'm dhanraj from India .I'm going to finish my higher secondary ambition is to become a car designer but in India their are less please tell me some of the best colleges in abroad.and I'm drawing cars for more than a year.

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