My Latest Hobby - Making Wire Wrapped Rings

Wire Wrapped Ring

Wire Wrapped Ring Creations

I have made some jewelry in the past from beach glass but my newest hobby is making wire wrapped rings. These rings can look complicated but in fact they are fairly easy to make. After creating around 15 of them, I bought a black felt ring holder for them and at Christmas, I got them out and let my sisters, and nieces pick one out. they were very popular. I didn't wrap them as I didn't know the sizes but everybody found one they liked and went away happy.

To make these rings the following supplies are needed:

18 gauge silverplated wire

Small pliers

A ring mandrel


Thats all started with to make the rings. As I make more, I add different types of wire and different tools to help make different effects.

To start I just take a piece of wire about 6 inches long and snip it with my pliers. I then add some beads ( 2 or 3) to the piece or wire. Next I wrap the wire around the ring mandrel to the size I choose. After I've wrapped it twice, I stop and twist the rest of the wire around the edge of the beads on one side and twist the other piece around the beads on the other side. I then snip any extra wire and then using the pliers, flatten any sharp pieces of wire into the ring so as not to catch it on clothing or get scratched with it.

These rings can be simple or complex. The type I explained above is simple. Wire can also be rolled and curved to make designs to compliment your ring design.

Below is a you tube video showing ways to make wire wrapped rings.

Wire Wrapped Ring

Beautiful Wire Wrapped Ring

Let Your Creativity Shine With Wire Wrapping

There are a variety of different kinds of wire that can be found in any craft store to be used for making wire wrapped rings. Other jewelry is easily made with wire too. Matching earrings are popular or bracelets as well as wire crafted pendants.

This is yet one more money making hobby. Selling rings such as these to friends or at craft shows is not hard. If you've ever looked around at a craft show, the jewelry booths are always busy. So if you decide to take up wire wrapping as a hobby, you can let your creativity shine.

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joanwz profile image

joanwz 3 years ago from Katy, Texas

how cool. I've been looking into this myself. Thanks for these easy instructions. I'm saving this.

malonge profile image

malonge 3 years ago from Western New York On Hubpages Author

Sure. You're welcome.

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