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Use code STMMMS79464
Use code STMMMS79464

Recently, I was approached by My Memories to conduct a review and host a giveaway on my blog for their digital scrapbooking software, My Memories Suite. Though I have been paper-crafting and scrapbooking for years, I have never delved into this digital world, and frankly, the idea of having so many “virtual” supplies at my fingertips made me nervous. I tend to have sensory overload when it comes to paper, stamps and embellishments to begin with, and knowing a full catalog was at my fingertips seemed like it would be very difficult. Within an hour or so with this program, I felt like a pro. As advertised, it truly is the fastest, easiest and most fun way to scrapbook. It doesn't rate #1 on Amazon and TopTen Reviews for no reason, afterall!

The options are endless; the "supplies" addicting. And let's face it, what paper-crafter wouldn't love to have an entire collection of paper-crafting goodies without taking up an inch of square footage of physical storage space?

When I first opened the software, I had the choice of creating an album from a designer template or designing my own. When I chose to start with a designer template I could not believe the amount of free "stuff" that came with the program and was surprised that a dozen or so complete templates were already pre-loaded. I was almost giddy as I scrolled through them all!

These pre-designed layouts all came with 6-12 different pages, all with coordinating background papers, embellishments and fonts. And as if that wasn't easy enough, I was given a second option of inserting my own photos manually, or "fast-filling" from a specified folder. I went with the "fast-filling" option and in two minutes flat, I had created a full, 8-page gorgeous Christmas album. I was hooked!

Now that I had created my first album, I wanted to try designing my own pages from scratch. My Memories Suite allows you to choose your album shape (portrait, landscape or square) and album size (12 x 12", 8.5 x 11", 5 x 7", 4 x 6" or 4.25 x 5.5"). I chose a simple portrait 8.5 x 11" page, but first, I had to acquaint myself with the menus and toolbars. Above, there is a full, quick-key toolbar and on either side of the main screen, two additional drop-down menus. Intimidating at first, but I quickly realized that much of the buttons were exactly the same. In fact, I find that I don't even use the buttons on the top toolbar except for saving and sharing my projects.

The menus on the left and right compliment each other exceptionally well, with the left offering a thumbnail preview of your photos, supplies and fonts, as the right menu allows you to crop, mat, shadow, re-color, frame, resize and adjust to your heart’s content. Piece of cake!

Before I got too overwhelmed, I decided that to get my feet wet, I would try using a hard-copy scrapbook page I had already created, and replicate the design in some way with my new virtual tools. I feel that in doing this, I got to really familiarize myself with a lot of the software features very quickly. I was amazed at just how easy this software was to use, and just how quickly I could complete a project. In fact, in hardly any time at all, I was scrapbooking no differently than I would be with traditional supplies.

Traditional, paper-based scrapbook pages
Traditional, paper-based scrapbook pages
Pages using My Memories Suite
Pages using My Memories Suite

My Memories Suite Projects

Besides scrapbook pages and albums, My Memories Suite can help you with dozens of other digital projects. Some of these include:

  • Photo slideshows
  • Narrated stories
  • Music videos
  • Greeting cards
  • Wall art
  • Calendars
  • Blog backgrounds and layouts
  • Blog and website headers and banners (i.e. Etsy shop)
  • HTML buttons and badges
  • Website design

Download the Software and Save $20!

To save $10 off the My Memories Suite v2 Software, enter code STMMMS79464 at checkout. You will also receive a $10 coupon to use in the My Memories store. (A $20 value!)

Use code STMMMS79464 for a $20 value!
Use code STMMMS79464 for a $20 value!

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