Nepali Handicrafts

Handicrafts of Nepal

Singing Bowl
Singing Bowl
Embroidery Bag
Embroidery Bag
Glass Bead Roll over Bracelet
Glass Bead Roll over Bracelet | Source
Silver Finger Ring
Silver Finger Ring
Glass bead mobile purse
Glass bead mobile purse

Nepali handicrafts are well-known all over the world for it's best quality.In the past, Nepali handicraft production was limited with an influence of the religion. Now, the scenario have changed. As the export market of handicrafts has been growing, many Nepali handicraft products is going through changes according to the market taste. However, it does not mean, Nepali handicrafts have lost it's traditional root.The primary focus is the conservation of culture and national heritage of the country and will always be that.The export of Nepali handicrafts is one of the chief exporting industry of Nepal. There are many online websites where international customers can buy Nepali handicrafts.This field protects culture and national heritage on one hand and creates job opportunities to thousands of Nepali on other.

Categories Of Nepali Handicrafts: Nepali handicrafts can be categorized into two sections. They are:

Traditional: Traditional Nepali handicrafts portrays the cultural aspects of Nepal. Nepalese culture values, heritage, traditional Nepali lifestyle are primarily focused on this category. Traditional Nepali handicrafts include products such as wood carving, stone sculpture, handmade paper, antique ritual crafts, traditional silver jewelry, handmade knitwear, Thangka painting, mithila painting, metal crafts.

Modern: Modern Nepali handicrafts include the products such as pashmina, felt crafts, glass bead crafts, modern painting, floor covering, modern silver jewelry, white metal jewelry, leather products. These modern handicrafts portrays the contemporary aspects of Nepal.

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torrilynn 3 years ago

Nepali Handicrafts,

thanks for this article. thanks for talking about the difference between the traditional and modern and how they involve glass beads, jewelry, and woodcarvings. Voted up.

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thirdworldcraft 3 years ago from Nepal Author

Your welcome. The encouragement is really appreciated.

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