New secrets found in Da Vinci's Last Supper painting

The news of a fresh secret being found in Leonardo Da Vinci's painting, The Last Supper, is flying around the world. Supposedly a computer analyst made a reverse image of the painting, then superimposed it on the original, and two knights and an infant appeared.

I found a blog that re-created the effect: The Shaved Ape.

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Mici 8 years ago from Australia

Hey that's cool.

There is a great audio tour of the Da Vinc trail that takes you from Paris to London and Edinburgh and Milano. It is fun and facinating.

Cheers Mici

Anonymous 8 years ago

OMG OMG OMG!!!! Suppose that the knight represents THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR?????? And suppose that the baby is a prophecy of Sarah, who might be the child of Mary M and Jesus?? That would give cause for the PRIORY OF SION!! It might be real!!??!!??!!??!!?!!!??!!??!!?!??!??!?!?!?!????!??!?!?!?!?

blb 7 years ago

does it matter to all of you that Jesus was married to me it doesn't make any dfiirence what's important was that He has changed lives

blb 7 years ago

does it matter to all of you that Jesus was married to me it doesn't make any dfiirence what's important was that He has changed lives

Bec 7 years ago

When you think about it... It DOES matter because if Jesus was a regular ghuman lilke the rest of us doesn't that mean that everyone can make a collosal difference?

anonymous 7 years ago

well yes, we can all make a difference

Mutahir 7 years ago

we can all make a difference :)

i hate jesus 7 years ago

this is bull shit. he just made this painting about jesus and all this other stuff has just been made. Da Vinci just made this painting then it was very famous... who gives a shit?

who cares 7 years ago

all we need to know is Jesus is the way the truth and the light!

See da light 7 years ago

dudes jesus cant marry u nit wits!! bec he i god!! and who ever belives in avalution its a bunch of crap .... we are in gods image....and those '7' days the world was mad it could be millions bec god HaS no time limit.....

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jennie_061985 7 years ago

it is unrealistical to believe that jesus was never married or had children..think of the times he lived in and then think of his religion back then it was required for a man of his age to be for the picture of the knight and infant its well known fact that in order to save money many painters in da vincis time would re use canvas often painting over other works or attempting to erase those works leaving images and layers underneath the final painting.

ballerigurl89 7 years ago

It wasn't painted on a canvas though. It's a wall mural in the dining room of the Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan for DaVinci's patron and his wife.

Someone you might know in the future 7 years ago

da vinci has hiden secrets in each painting of his. the one who finds out the secret, will be rewarded. This is one of the history of da vinci I found on the web. I believe Jesus has a daugter with Mary, Although its a part of a movie, but in real life bible, there is this belief.

AwEsOmE  7 years ago

da vinci and Jesus is awesome lol evry1 is just hatin na just jk

trevaaaaarrr 7 years ago

lets face it he was a guy who helped people out during bad times, he was like the martin luther king of his day, but he was a man...just because your a good person doesn't mean you wont get horny does it, plus his fame he was baggin slags all over, and contraception wasn't to good in them days lol so yeah he probably had children, but what does it matter, theres no secret conspiracies just look at it all in a realistic manner and it all makes sense

BeeMills. 7 years ago

shew. you are all toooo dumb. jesus is just a man and yet leonardo da vinci is some superhuman that can paint the last supper and hide some random symbolism in it and it's instantly proven fact. and i'm sure the majority of you believe the shroud of turin is a total hoax.


sam 7 years ago

come on everyone the bible was made up by a king called constantine its not some divine book it was written by man for man and is it so hard to believe that jesus had a wife and children back in them days he would have been punished fornot i do believ most of the davinci code i know it just a book written by a man but so was the bible and the da vinci code is a bit more believable than a book that says a man walked on water and fed 5 thousand with a loaf of bread and a fish come on people were inteligent what is more believable?

The Magi of Forbidden Knowledge 7 years ago

Jesus could have very easily had children. But down through the centuries his blood line would encompass hundreds of people. Jesus’ blood has been diluted into insignificance in our modern society and his blood line could be anywhere in the world, of any colour, race and background.

The theories in the Da Vinci Code are interesting, and I had had similar theories before even the book was made. Man has a thirst for knowledge that can never be quenched leading us to our undoing, but is ignorance any better???

I believe we have a right to the truth, but because of Da Vinci's ingenuity, his painting technique led to THE LAST SUPPER painting to fall into ruin the very second he completed it. It will never be the same again so the answers are harder than ever to find. All we can do is look and record and hope for the best until the truth is revealed. We have but till 21/12/2012 to find it out, the truth of everything to stop doomsday.

Nostradamus for saw this and wrote it down in his quatrains. His book (whether he made them or not) shows us this. But on the last three pages he shows the book of life. On the third its pages are blank. People have taken this as the end of time, the consequences of our actions but I see it differently. The book is open half way, meaning their may be text before hand, recording the history man, but there is still half the book to go. This show that we can write our own destinies after this point. Because after we break this point, the cycle of history shall break and we can continue to the future as we have never done before.

The Mayans of Central America based their 8 cycle calendar to end on the 21/12/2012, but this could just mean that after that point history won’t repeat so cannot be for-told. No seer has seen beyond this barrier, so there may yet be hope.

(soz 4 goin off trak but got carEd awA)

The Magi of forbidden knowledge 7 years ago

Marry M is sitting at the table in the last supper fresco, but she isn't a disciple. type this into URL box.

it'll blow your mind!!!

saved 7 years ago

I just wanted to know what happened to the 12th disciple in the painting of the last supper.

ShapelessOne 7 years ago

Has anyone heard of Yogi Philosophy? If you ever wondered what happened to Jesus in those missing 30 years of his life look into Yogi Philosophy. He has been mentioned in the "Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy" by Yogi Ramacharaka in the "Fourth Lesson". Check it out for yourself. Peace be onto you.

sushmaja 7 years ago

bullshit it was all trash davinci wanted to be famous that's why he creted a new story with his painting which seems very rude

sushmaja 7 years ago

bullshit it was all trash davinci wanted to be famous that's why he creted a new story with his painting which seems very rude

Chloe16Stella 7 years ago

I think its really interesting, I mean who knows if Da Vinci was some sort of Prophet. Either way its really neat and kind of freaky how he put all those puzzles in his work. I also think Jesus could have been married, its totally possible, but it doesn't mean he wasn't the mesiah. It was just the culture then.

Unknown 7 years ago

If u want to read the true life of Jesus Christ the read the book THE BOOK THE UNKNOWN LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST this book was banned centuries back but think u will find it on internet if want a copt mail me (

qwerty 7 years ago

Ok. Jesus did walk on water and did all the miracles the bible says. Dan Brown has a great imagination and twisted all this things to create a book about it. just a reminder: The Da Vinci Code goes under "Fiction" at the library

amanda 7 years ago

sushmaja -

Leonardo da Vinci was not looking for fame. He was already famous and considered a master when he created The Last Supper. He was a Christian, and would have had no idea that hundreds of years after his death people would care enough, or have the technology to look at his work this way.

Marcos 7 years ago

And doing that you will see Mary(the prostitute) and Jesus sitting right next to each other with Mary's head on Jesus shoulder their tunics form a "v" shape

Spencer 6 years ago

well, i think that we'll all agree the templar night is extremely visible, and whereas the baby not so much it is still clear when you first find it. but if Leo did do this on purpose i think he's up there with Einstein... maybe even higher because he can paint as well as being smart, either way amazing and stunning that it took so long to find this.

P.s. mary magdeline dissapears

arial 6 years ago

jesus was a verzion he didn't have sex so who cares about this?... as long as jesus lives in our hearts then he is ompotant!

sarah-ghost 6 years ago

The da Vinci code is not to be confused with the real Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci was an extremely intelligent person with no boundaries to his curiosity and imagination. As for the issue of fame, although every artist, from Michelangelo all the way to today's artists wants fame, Idoubt it was what da Vinci was really after. He was a very elusive person, he used to write his notes in a code which could only be read in a mirror, to prevent his revolutionary ideas from being stolen.

Also, I believe that the superposition issue is subject to criticism, because it depends on what one sees, psychologically speaking. I, for example, see many small faces rather than a templar knight and a woman with a swaddled child. it also puts into doubt certain theories about da Vinci's beliefs; was he really Christian or was he a Templar Knight in hiding?

A for Jesus having a child with Mary Magdalene, who's to say he did? Who's to say he didn't? there is no proof for either theory, and many people like to believe that Jesus had a daughter simply to oppose the general belief that he was chaste to his death, ignoring reasons why such as the culture of his time and what religion demanded of him as a person living in a Jewish society. Sorry it's a long comment, but im sick of people blundering around about jesus having kids and leonardo da vinci being a bullshitter. as for sushmaja, kindly have respect for other opinions and you're the one who's rude. unless you study these things do us all a favour, make the world a better place, and do not comment on that which you do not know. Thank you

Mmy 6 years ago

It doesn't make any sense for people to think Jesus never married. Remember, he was Jewish, and back then it was practically illegal for Jewish men NOT to be married.

mind fucked 6 years ago

illuminati,the holy grail, priory of sion, the vatican, there all fukn related LEONARDO DA VINCI was appart of the order who knew about christ and in what he did. THE CHURCH on the other hand keeps this shit a secret as JESUS is the Lord and they don't want contrevursy within the church. the Illuminatii on the other hand are people who are basicallly fucking with all of us trying to tell us that religion is basically all a lie and that the truth has beeen hidden for too fucking long. people start figuring shit out, da vincis paintings crawings everything alll linked and had something to do with what was soo this baby i DO belive its symbolism for jesus kid i believe that there is soo much shit left to be found out and fuked if im jus gonna sit here and do nothing about it

unknown 6 years ago

i cant believe this is even an article, the image can only be seen when the mirror image of the original is placed over the original. :/

ellenisajackass 6 years ago

Everyone's reading wayyy too far into this, we're never gonna know the truth... I think it's cool that it's still being talked about. I love mystery and stuff! His art is fantastic and no matter what work you look at, some people will see things in it that maybe weren't planned by the artist. Unless it's plainly obvious what symbol is trying to be portrayed then... I dunno... Ha! I want something like that with my artwork! :D

Jonathan 6 years ago

I mean taking a picture and then putting a mirror image (which they've done here) and finding supposed hidden picture is a little far fetched. i mean how and why would he have known to do that. i think there is probably more to the last supper that meets the eye but at the same time i think people are to egar to find something in it. and in doing so finding things that arnt nessasarly done on purpous

no one 6 years ago

Wow, the "I Hate Jesus Guy" Is really misinformed. Why does it matter? And not to mention people like you give agnostics and atheists a bad name.

naughtychild_330 6 years ago

da vinci's code is really a bullshit!! why don't we ask our creator in order to know all the things we wanted to know!!! nway' is it really necessary to watch the movie? i don't think so'...

kk 6 years ago

that's cool very cool

raven 6 years ago

there is a rumor that Mary M was killed before she could give birth to the child of jesus some say peter (who the church was built on ???) killed her. Its just more to think about!

yhEn 6 years ago

. . will paintings influence your faith??

Nigeria 6 years ago

all of you who wrote blasphamies against Christ will surely inherit HELL as your place of enternal home.

all this saying about Christ are mere fictions by da vinci.. today where is he, and the name Jesus Christ is still used all over the world to do miracles,cast out demons, and even used to win souls for God.

so all you romuor mongers,wait God's judgement..

raven 6 years ago

As a christian for the last 40 years i am not a 'blasphamies'Nor do i judge others for what they belive in. As you said Nigeria God will judge me not you!

If Christ was married or not it does not take away the miracles done in his name. People will belive what they want to belive. Only God can change a persons heart not the rantings of an angrey child. And no art does not change what i belive in. Art is the view of the artist.

MIkec123 6 years ago

@Jonathan, why do ppl post comments on things they know absolutly nothing about. Far Fetched? Have you ever even read about any of da vinci's acomplishments? As a matter of fact he did know how to make Mirror images! He used lenses and light. The shroud could even be repoduced this way, you can burn images in the shape of a human figure. As for Dan brown if any one has actually read and understood the book, fist off he never states or said the da vinci code was fact. He gives you ideas about history and how they could have happened. He never clearly says if the holy grail is documents, Mary magdalin, His offspring? Also those who belive in magic please sit down before you hurt your self. The stories (man wrote) of miricals that jesus produced are medifores for life lessons not magic jesus was not a mugician. educate your self, far fetched come on your ignorance is killing me.

memo 6 years ago

y 2 waist time on this? it does not make a difference.people will always love christ.

hmmm i wonder? 6 years ago

not always, what about non-religious?

5 years ago

To all of you who said that Jesus not being married was unheard of in those days. Name one thing that you have heard of about the life of Jesus that is normal. Jesus was an exceptional being and has enriched and changed lves all over the globe. Most tales are based on true events so that means that Jesus' miracles like walking on water, turning water into wine, bringing people back from the dead must be more or less accurate. The Da Vinci Code, while being very interesting, is just a story based on theories. The gospel is spread so that people can have a chance to become Christians and accept the Word. The Church does have a bloody past, but the error of mankind does not have anything to do with the selfless act of Jesus Christ to die for our sins.

amanda- Leonardo da Vinci was not a Christian, he was a homosexual who was the Grand Master of the Priory of Sion, a very anti- Christian sect.

5 years ago


rhea 5 years ago

Does anyone ever think to them self that Gee Maybe it is a thing he did in his Paintings?? Do any of you Paint? Do you not see that a Person Who Paints ...Paints what he wants..How he or she feels? And Yes I do understand what this means if Jesus was Married and or a Father..and Yes you do have to think of what the rules of the land and His forth and so on..Ty..

Random 5 years ago

That's BS

ah jeeze 5 years ago

i forgot what i was going to say

hey you 5 years ago

it's impossible that God has child. if God has any child, so he isn't God

so be it. 5 years ago


Da Truve 5 years ago

Behold the biggest Con of Man:


If Yesua and Marie were here now they would be VERY UNHAPPY for ALL the LIES the Catholic Churc has TOLD and what it has done to Humanity.


Da Truve 5 years ago

Humble and Poor are ALL men of God is what the Catholic Church says, But..... They have BILLIONS in Money, Treasure, Antiques and they even have a BANK OF VATICA...Vatico Banco!

W T F WAKE UP-People you have been CONNED and you can Live your lives Pure, Simple, and with Honor, Respect and Charity! You don't need to suffer! The Catholic Church does NOT suffer they eat Prime Rib 4x a week with Vintage Vino and sleep on Silk Sheets and Feather beds! They own Planes, Gold, Helicopters and the like! I have No More to say, only YOU can see the TRUTH only YOU can STOP giving to the Lying, cheeting, Thief of all, The Catholic Church! Know the truth, accpt it, and be happy!

mac 5 years ago

Jesus was a scarecrow, and now he is dead.

go kill yourselves and then tell me is heaven is real.






Beta Chick 5 years ago

Leonardo da Vinci was known to paint over his paintings and re-work them. I'm not that surprised to see this, what with such high quality cameras we have these days.

marcelle 5 years ago

will it matter when the whole world knew that Jesus is no bachelor? Swear it to hell!! That will be an undying intrigue against the Catholic churches..

They degrade

Raymond high kids 5 years ago

Based on the comments on this article, we can conclude that the intelectual level of society has gone downhill. And we're from Raymond.

Realist 5 years ago

i do find the paintings very interesting but at the same time why would Da Vinci be the only one to know/ hold the truth... Second all of these prophecies are false. Do you really believe any of this for minute? God doesn't exist!

D: 5 years ago

Assassin's Creed II. Boom.

.... 5 years ago

I agree with "Raymond high kids". Think people need to know what the hell there talking about before they comment on it..... Read the theory's first loves and then have your say.

profile image

ibelieveinJESUS 5 years ago

Its amazing how all of you comment,as all of us have different ideas and different feelings towards our belief. But I no matter what they say about Jesus will I not accept anything against him. I will pray for him to allow me to see the ''Truth''.


lame 5 years ago

there is no's JUST a painting. Nothing more. Get a life

5 years ago

I agree with "lame", just because some artist (admittedly probably the greatest the world has ever seen) made paintings and left little religious symbols in it, doesn't mean he knows any more about God or Jesus' divinity than us, 400 odd years later.

5 years ago

I tink that the infant represents hope and the knight represents protection over Jesus.

The T 5 years ago

"The fable of Christ and his twelve a parody of the sun and the twelve signs of the Zodiac, copied from the ancient religions of the Eastern world.... Everything told of Christ has reference to the sun. His reported resurrection is at sunrise, and that on the first day of the week; that is, on the day anciently dedicated to the sun, and from thence called Sunday..." - Thomas Paine

Nabeel Akhalwaya Motala 5 years ago

All this hype was just created by the anti-Christs. They are the knights templar and da vinci was a knights templar. The knights templar also go by the name of freemasons and together these two factions of the same entity form the illuminati. Now the illuminati know that the world is awaiting the 2nd coming of Christ (AS), and that people do not easily accept other people who call themselves prophets nowadays, so they make you believe that Christ (AS) had a baby and that his bloodline survives to this day. So that when Dajjal takes the stage, he will proclaim to be descended from this bloodline and many will fall into his trap. Be careful people...stop being puppets on a string. Wake up and see what's happening around you. The story of Christ (AS) in the Bible is false. It's a false tale, with parts stolen from the lives of Horus and Mithra. The anti-Christs will do anything in order to make you go astray. Jesus (AS) fought with the devil while here on Earth. You think the devil has disappeared since then? You don't think there are people out there who would follow Lucifer instead of following Jesus (AS)?

your mom... 4 years ago

this is dumb.. it's JUST a painting get over it.. enough said

Jesus is awesome 4 years ago

to the guy above who said that if Jesus was a regular guy, who was able to have kids and be married, then it would make a colossal difference because it implies we all have capabilities to make a difference in the world:

12 Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. 13 And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it. (John 14:12-14)

this is in the Bible, so we have always had the capability of making a colossal difference whether Jesus was celebate or not. by the way, He wasn't a super hero he was a man - just a man with incredible faith and obedience.

ROBOTZ 3 years ago

Look people! Every one knows that Da Vinci didn't like the church so he painted stuff like this to offend the church by saying that jesus had a baby and he was married. Da Vinci hid these so the church wouldn't reject the painting and Da Vinci could be famous while offending the church and someday like in our time we could figure out the insult and know that the church could not do anything about it!..........And yeah its just a painting....that is a painting to insult, with freedom, that people could not do while the church was in power.

matthew thornton 3 years ago

look at total number of people in the last supper because this matches the Zodiac strip in the night sky. This makes the man in the middle=Ophiuchus=number 13. Flanked by Scorpio and a pretty face makes her the door to a Mother God.

matthew thornton 3 years ago

look at total number of people in the last supper because this matches the Zodiac strip in the night sky. This makes the man in the middle=Ophiuchus=number 13. Flanked by Scorpio and a pretty face makes her the door to a Mother God.

VanNordensin profile image

VanNordensin 3 years ago from THE CENTER OF HER HEART

hey!really good hub!!I have also written about Da Vinci's "Last Supper" check it out :)

Qqqqqqqq 3 years ago

Jesus was a human form of god that's why Mary Jesus's mother is usually called the mother of god

leebon 2 years ago

Just throwing this out there......there is a program called "spell check". Might be a good idea for some of you people to proof read your posts, before, you submit them. Another thing, those of you, who are outraged by the fact that other people believe that Jesus had a wife and child, remember your teachings that God gave man free will. Who are YOU to say that what another person believes in is wrong ? I do believe that somewhere in the Bible it is written: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Yes, I'm sure that is in there somewhere. Put simply, have respect for others views. After all, how many times over the years has the Church changed its views and positions of matters that 100 years ago were sacred ? Aren't there women preaching the word ? Dispensing sacraments ? Weren't those taboo before ? How about the slaying of witches ? Is that still practiced ?

And just so you don't think I'm one-sided here....if someone said that there is an image of a dancing elephant, I'm quite certain that at least a few people will swear that they see it. It's called, " The power of suggestion". It's like the game you played as a kid. If you go into the bathroom and stand in front of the mirror with the lights out, with your eyes closed, and whisper "Freddie Kruger" over and over, then open your eyes, Freddie Kruger will appear. You are already seeing what you are telling your mind to see. You really believe that a magician can make The Statue of Liberty disappear right in front of you ? No. Try this, picture a flower in your mind. What did you see ? A rose ? A tulip ? An orchid ? What if someone saw something else ? Are they wrong ? Are you wrong ?

I, just like the rest of us, don't KNOW what is waiting for us next. I would like to believe that there is SOMETHING. Hopefully, there is and one day we shall ALL know the truth.

P.S. Here's another thing to chew on : what if ALL of us are right ? What if the next chapter is what we BELIEVE it will be ? Then again....what if we are ALL wrong ?

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