Nick Savides Oil Paintings of Paris

Scenes of Paris

Paris has been noted as one of the most beautiful cities. It's only fair that the city's beauty is portrayed as such in art, whether that be every day activities, landscapes, portraits, or other various scenes and depictions. You can find beauty around just about every corner of the city, even the roughest streets can be portrayed with passion.

Most scenes that you find of Paris include those romantic scenes between two people floating in a gondola (which is also very popular among scenes of Venice) or scenes of the City of Lights, itself. But, there are other popular landscape scenes, that to me are the most beautiful and eye catching of them all.

Being that the city is full of a great history and culture, artist find themselves musing the town for ideas. And, when given the opportunity, I was able to look through so many different paintings and other artwork that evolved from the spirits of Paris.

Since oil painting has been one of my favorite forms of canvass art. Although, it was something I was never able to master when in art classes, it was still an art style that I always admired and loved. So, it was quickly one of the first that I browsed when looking for artwork depicting scenes of Paris, France.

While browsing various painters' and artists' work, I found the work of Nick Savides. His ended up being my favorite of the oil paintings that I found.

Savides has been able to portray various beautiful scenes that can be portrayed of Paris. Most of his artwork is of simple, everyday activities such as boarding a train, playing chess in the park, or the beautiful landscape of the city.

Below you will find a small sample of the oil painted by Nick Savides. I would love it if you left your opinions about the artwork below in the comment box.

Train Station in Paris
Train Station in Paris
Chess Players
Chess Players
Down a Parisian Street
Down a Parisian Street
Under a Paris Sky
Under a Paris Sky

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Multiman 5 years ago

Good collection of oils

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