Orange and Pink Wedding Flowers

the brides bouquet

The brides bouquet is sweet yet sophisticated with a french braid on the stems the matching toss bouquet is simple yet beautiful
The brides bouquet is sweet yet sophisticated with a french braid on the stems the matching toss bouquet is simple yet beautiful

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Fuchsia or hot pink Gerber daisy with black ribbon
Fuchsia or hot pink Gerber daisy with black ribbon

Wedding Flowers

For this wedding the colors of choice are orange and pink or better known as fuchsia and coral. Some may call it hot pink and dark orange either way this bride is ready for a hot summer wedding.

There are so many beautiful flowers it may be hard to narrow down your choices. Start with what your wedding colors will be; that gives you a base of where to start. Next work up to what your favorite flowers are. Most importantly you should think about budget. I know most people don't want to talk money but it is one of the most important factors in planning your wedding. Once you have your color, your favorite flowers as well as your budget you are ready to go shopping for your beautiful flowers.

When I met with the bride to discuss what she wanted one of the first things she said was she loved fresh flower but hated the idea of using real flowers that would fade or not last forever to save the memory of her special day. The idea of spending hundreds of dollars on flowers only to be thrown out later was not appealing to her at all. She wanted her bridesmaids to be able to have a beautiful memory in flowers as well. Right away my mind went to real look flowers or better known as artificial flowers or silk flowers.

Not everyone likes the idea of using artificial flowers but in the long run for this bride it was what she wanted to make her special day last a life time. The care and upkeep is so minimal and there is very little fuss with the temperature or the area they can be used in. The idea of being able to have a product hold up to the June heat as well as the boutonnieres and bouquets was very appealing to the bride as she had 5 bridesmaid 5 groomsmen as well as 2 ushers to all have flowers in some fashion.

The bride loves bright colors so she went with a very formal black for her wedding party clothes with white for the bride as well as the groom. Her flower colors and jewelry for the bridesmaids are fuchsia or hot pink and coral or dark orange.

Dress up any Bouquet with Ribbon by Making French Knots

One of the most affordable ways to make a bouquet look more eloquent as well as more plush is to add an effect with you ribbon. A simple ribbon bow is nice but for a cut above add french knots or a french twist to the bouquet stems and you have just made a cheap bouquet look expensive without adding any more money into the mix.

Here are some very simple instructions to making the

French Knot with Satin Ribbon with Real Look or Artificial Flowers:

1. Trim your stems to the same length one you are happy with your bouquet arrangement.

2. Wrap your stems with floral tape as tight as you can right in the middle.

3. Wrap your stems with a wide satin ribbon from top to bottom. Make sure you pull your ribbon as tight as you can get it to make sure it will hold up to the big day. * Hot glue can be used to hide where it begins or ends.

* NOTE: Most people use stick pins if they are using fresh flowers and they leave room at the bottom to place flowers in water but take care NOT to get ribbon wet!

4. Start from the bottom if you wish to leave a tail of streaming ribbon. Start from the top if you want to leave place to cut the ribbon and glue it at the bottom to hide the ends.

5. Now using a thinner ribbon measure out 4 times the length of your bouquet stems to make sure you have plenty of ribbon to work with. * Some people like to use one color to wrap the stems and one to two other colors to tie the french knots.

6. Start from the middle of your ribbon; either at the top or bottom it's up to you. For mine I started at the top. I used two stands of ribbon the same length for the french knots.

7. Taking the ribbon around the back of your bouquet and starting in the middle of the ribbon start from the back pull the ribbon tight and tie a tight knot right in the front as close to the base as you can.

8. Next place your ribbon around the back and make sure you drop the ribbon down to make your X shape in the front of your stems. Tye a knot in the middle in the back as well.

9. Take your ribbon back around to the front and tie it again. Make sure you center your knots and make sure your X shapes are about the same size.

10. Repeat all the way to the bottom making centered knots in the front and back then once you are at the bottom tie you last knot off and cut your ribbon. Using hot glue hot glue the ribbon behind itself to hide it or just tuck it in so it is hidden.

You will be amazed at how beautiful this looks and you will love how simple it is to do. Now some people say you shouldn't mix a ribbon bow with the french knots but it is simply the brides day and what she wants she gets. Go ahead and make this how ever you want because after all it is your biggest day ever! Good luck and congratulations.

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