Painting With Watercolors

Watercolors are the perfect way to bring your work of art towards life. Transparency is the most attractive and appealing quality of watercolor. The watercolors give the feeling of a light shine and the paper shines via this paint. Though painting of watercolor is largely done on paper, other mediums also used such as plastic, canvas, wood and leather are also utilized for the water color paintings.

Primary Skills For Water Color Paintings

Primary skills for water color paintings aid you get to the bottom of your painting. This lets in the correct way to grasp the brush and also some basic ways how to use watercolor.

The primary skills you are required to master in are: Graded wash, Flash wash, Glazed wash, Different techniques to use wet color called as wet-in-wet techniques, Dry brush and the skill to hold wet colors.

Some Basic Tips To Apply Watercolor Canvas

Watercolor Canvases are in trend these days. This will definitely aid you to select a really best watercolor canvas. 

  • The Watercolor Canvas of your choice must not clasp just like the watercolor paper does.

  • The Watercolor canvas you select must be made of acid-free materials and must have a Quality of Archival that is 100% guaranteed.
  • The Watercolor canvas of your selection must let you "lift" your signature exactly. You only have to apply clean and clear water on it with a brush and then make it smear.
  • Scratching or scraping the surface must do no harm to the canvas of watercolor. Also if you want to remove the canvas from the stretchers i.e.: its supporting structures it must not spoil your artwork.

Different Types Of Watercolor

Watercolor paints are applied from some pigments mixed with gum Arabic, water and additives. With the help of gum Arabic, that is, a carbohydrate, the medium is adhered to the paper.

The paint lasts for a long period of time with the aid of additives and glides over the paper very easily providing a more lively colors. Then there are some transparent paints that are primarily see-through and utilized for making thin layers. These thin layers are aggregated to make luminous colors. 

You still have sedimentary watercolors that come in the class of transparent, semi-transparent, opaque and semi-opaque watercolors. These water paints have sedimentary bits of pigment that arbitrarily settle down on the paper.

While painting, the random pigments make different textures on the paper. They also lean to settle down in the piddle of watercolor. Thus, you require remixing the color piddle prior to each stroke. 

Watercolor Paint Art And Crafts For Kids

Watercolor art and crafts for kids can keep them busy for hours, but they have to rendered be with ideas which are very amazing, fun, interesting, and creative watercolor painting ideas. There are many attractive and exciting watercolor paint crafts for children.

Watercolor Twirls

Rectangular sheet of paper should be taken. Close the corners put five thick blobs of five different colors. By using your index fingers, begin spreading the colors, at a time only two blobs, in a twirl style (or just hurricane like) fashion yet they meet at the center. This will offer a very good tone effect to the center.

Thread Painting design.
Thread Painting design.
Watercolor pencils.
Watercolor pencils.


Take a part of paper and place it on a very flat surface. Take a part of thread and insert it in paint. Now locate this thread in any design which you like the most, on the paper. By this the design will be formed on the paper.

How To Use Watercolor Pencils Or Water-Soluble Crayons?

Using watercolor pencils is very easy and very mush similar to using a normal pencil or any color pencil. You grasp them in the same way, you sharpen the watercolor pencils in the same way, and you can also erase them in the same way as you use normal pencils or any color pencils.

It is when you insert water into the equation that their exclusivity comes out. There are various modes you can perform this.

For beginners, you can do this by painting with clean or dirt free water over your drawing. But you can also take paint off the pencil with a brush and then on your paper apply it, damp the pencil then draw with this pencil, or damp the support you are working on.

Some Painting Tips Using Water Colors

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