Paper Guns

Paper guns are some of the most amusing types of origami around! People have crafted excellent reproductions of real weapons out of nothing more than notebook paper! However, crafiting paper weaponry requires  a lot of skill, at least at first, but after you master the learning curve, it can be very fun and amusing! This hub will explore the ways to craft different paper guns, and show some of the better paper arms creations!

How to Make Paper Guns

There are a variety of guns that can be made, just like there are many different REAL models of fire power! This formula will help you create a basic gun, and the video to the side shows you how to create a real gun that will shoot without any outside force acting upon it (such as air from your lungs).

  1. Start with a single piece of paper; fold the bottom edge so it meets the top; align it well then crease the fold.
  2. Repeat this step with the same sheet of paper twice more. Remember to crease!
  3. Then fold this sheet in half, from side to side, in the opposite direction and crease the fold. After it's been creased, you can unfold it.
  4. Fold down on the left end of the paper until its a 90 degree angle on the right side. It will look like an "L" (AKA, your handle!)
  5. For the next part, you want to put your "L" on a flat surface. Fold over the handle an inch past the top (which will look like a triangle) and crease the edge you've made. Take the right side of the paper and crease along the diagonal edge of the handle, then crease again. I'm sure you're sick of this creasing, huh?
  6. Unfold it, leaving the handle at a right angle crease, and then take the right side and fold it down to another right angle. Put in a well placed crease.
  7. Fold the handle's right side over the left and crease it again, and you've successfully finished the first part of the gun! 
  8. Now that we're done with the first part of the gun, let's get started on the second and final part! All we need after step 7 is the barrel. Start out by getting another sheet of paper and doing the first 3 steps again. When it's rectangular, you're good to go. 
  9. Now just put the barrel in- all you need to do to accomplish this is slide the second piece of paper- the barrel- right along the diagonal part of the first. Congrats, you've made your gun!

Check Out Some of These Cool Guns

One you can take apart like a real gun!
One you can take apart like a real gun!
You can't even tell its paper!
You can't even tell its paper!
Easy to make and affordable, so your kids can have fun!
Easy to make and affordable, so your kids can have fun!

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Martin 7 years ago

if u have msn add me here: can u make a video and give it 2 me do a video of making the second

iligan3pm profile image

iligan3pm 6 years ago from Philippines

Very nice one. I like guns too. I have built a 1:1 scale paper replica of the KRISS Super V.

Jakesta30 6 years ago

This is a very good page to look on!

tthudium profile image

tthudium 6 years ago

pretty cool

ethan 6 years ago

i want on that shoots

brock 5 years ago

i want to know how to make the middle gun. plz?

tj 5 years ago

pretty cool but can you show me how to make it

the roof 5 years ago

Can u pass me a vid of how 2 make the 2ond one? plz?

tailor 4 years ago


memphis 4 years ago

wot do you need to make the gun

elijah fox 4 years ago

how do you make it

Trini0221 4 years ago

can u show us how to make the very bottom gun plz it looks awesome

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