Photography of Human Body Poses

Photography of Human Body Poses

Photography of Human Body Poses can be one of the more profitable industries in photography.  Though it isn't always easy to use human models in poses that look natural.

To make a pose work for you, there are many things you have to take into account.

Leg Positioning in Photography of Human Body Poses

Leg positioning is very important when it comes to having a "natural" look.

If legs are too stiff your poses may appear unnatural.  While standing without movement, you will find that most people, the majority of the time, will balance most of their weight on one leg.

To make your photographs of people appear natural, it would be a good idea to utilize this concept.

Joints in Photography of Human Body Poses

When you are practicing photography of human body poses, take flexibility into consideration.

Joints should not appear locked or stiff, but have some bend and movement to appear natural.

Things such as elbow bend and finger curve can make a big difference in the appearance of your photographs.


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