Pino Art: A Celebration of the Great Romanticists and an Adoption of Modern Impressionism

Pino was probably the world’s most renowned illustrator until 1992 when he decided to pursue his lifelong dream of painting beautiful works in the definitive Romantic Impressionist style. Pino artwork is distinctly characterised by the fact that almost 100% of the oil paintings done by the artist incorporated the use of a dolled up female beauty as the central subject and theme.

Over the decades that saw his active engagement in painting and nothing else, Pino’s personal style of painting evolved naturally by the involving the subtle influences of his favourite artists and genres. A keen observer would be able to instantly mark the general effect that Romanticism has had on Pino artwork.

However, I have had to delve a bit deeper in order to discover the impact that other more notable art movements may have had on Pino.

The Beguiling of Merlin-Edward Burne-Jones
The Beguiling of Merlin-Edward Burne-Jones

The Pre-Raphaelite Movement of 1848

The Pre- Raphaelites were a group of personalities of remarkable talents including several English Poets, writers and painters. They are actually considered by many as the first avant garde art movement.

Avant Garde is a term which simply translated means ‘advance guard’ but in the artistic sense referred to an artist or movement of artists who were not afraid to do things differently. 1848 in England saw one such movement that went beyond the accepted norms and so-called rules defined by higher society with regards to what art was supposed to be.

Romanticism for instance has seen a very long and enduring history but modern artists like Pino have stepped out to redefine it in our times. Pino too is an avant garde when looking at his re-interpretation of Romanticism by way of abandoning Realism for Impressionistic values.

The Macchiaioli
The Macchiaioli
The Gioli Brothers: Italian Impressionists
The Gioli Brothers: Italian Impressionists

Enter the Macchiaioli

Pino artwork is further distinguished by the fact that it astoundingly reflects the influences of The Macchiaioli who were an Italian group of artists that were very famous during the latter part of the nineteenth century. They too withdrew themselves form established societal norms and decided to form their own art movement.

A lot of the artwork produced in this era was done ‘open air’ meaning outdoors. The art of painting was relocated from an artist’s studio physically to a pleasant outdoor environment. These artists relished the fact that they could now bring the bright colours of raw nature, flowing streams, grasses and trees to life on the canvas.

This was the golden age of pure Impressionism and we can clearly see how Pino artwork has adopted these methods since the majority of Pino’s works depict a damsel in a relaxed outdoor setting.

These were probably the two most significant art movements that had a profound influence on Pino, though they were not the only ones.

What is of importance is that we recognise the talent of an artist when what he delivers in his art, always seems entirely unique and reflects his work reflects his personality. He produces his own signature style in the process. This is one of the key elements that end up making any artist as famous as a household name. Pino artwork is a perfect example of this and there remains today even after his demise a great demand for his art.

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