Pino Art: Arguably the Most Popular Artwork of This Decade

Long before the death of the famous painter and revolutionary illustrator Pino in May 2010, the artist had already garnered a significant following in many parts of the world. Give any major art gallery a call and chances are they have works by artists on display. Even if they do not have in their collection original works by Pino, most galleries these days have Giclees, or modern day digital prints of works done by him.

Pino produced a lot of oil paintings within the space of a few decades and especially leading up to the end of his life. There exists a vast collection of published works attributed to him. Fine art collectors the world over are currently in a frenzy trying to get their hands on as many pieces of Pino's art as possible the rarest obviously being his originals.

Giclees that have been produced on his work are normally very expensive. Today, there are large numbers of companies who are marketing his prints online in what is become a very competitive arena. Pino art is in high demand so this helps the vast majority of dealers in his art to make their money.

Pino’s distinctive style

Pino’s work is very much Romantic Impressionism even though he is said to have been inspired by native Italian art master Giovanni Boldini. Boldini who died in 1931, was known for his unique style of painting with a free-flowing brush movement that is undeniably physical and is clearly visible in the paintings he left behind.

It wasn’t so much the style that Boldini applied in his works that appealed to Pino as a young man growing up in Italy. Rather, it was the deliberation and bravery an artist like Boldini possessed in living a life of art.

Pino’s father was not too keen on the idea that his son wanted to be an artist even though he knew about his exemplary natural talent for it. In those days, it was very difficult for artists to make a living.

Pino art is distinctive in that most of his works were painted on linen instead of canvas. Also he kept the physical frame sizes reasonably small with not many of his works going beyond 30 X 22 inches.

However, the greatest aspect of Pino’s work is the magical ability to possess a viewer with the graceful imagery and expert depiction of feminine beauty and frailty. The women in his works remain his most powerful and sincere sales agents even up to this day. They are simply attractive. Set in the natural compositions and environments, each of them had a story to tell the viewer. Every one of Pino’s paintings reveals his visiting to the same subject matter againand again.

The most critical element in his work is that none of these themes are ever boring. On the contrary, he makes one marvel at his innate ability to represent facial and bodily expressions of the dormant overpowering emotions in his subjects with remarkable accuracy. When you look at a Pino painting your first thought always seems to be guessing what the woman is thinking.

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Voted up, useful, awesome, and beautiful. I'd honestly never heard of Pino before finding him here; that said, he's amazing. Great hub! Thanks for introducing me to this art.

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Agreed, his work is beautiful! Thanks for your comment and so glad you enjoyed it!

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I told your husband that I am in shock. I was coninvced the baby was going to be a girl! We understand how Happy feels Addie is still coninvced Harper and Hudson are arriving soon. We keep telling her that she is only getting another little sister. Congratulations!

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