Pino Artist Delivers Emotional Strength

Being able to express emotions through art is a rare talent and that talent is what made Pino Daeni one of the more popular of modern day artists. Growing up in the Mediterranean inspired his paintings of sunlit beaches and vast oceans to show movement and expressions of all types of emotions, yet his canvasses radiate nostalgia and warmth to combine inner feelings with the raw emotions of the Pino artist.

After gaining a following as an expressive artist, able to put emotions on his subjects’ faces, he had been commissioned to paint many personal portraits. After studying at the Art Institute of Bari and at Milan’s Academy of Brera, he turned his focus to painting nudes. With the influence of Raphael and Macchiaioli he worked on figure studies that led to commissioned works by Italian publishers Mondadori and Rizzoli.

Returning home from a 1971 visit to Manhattan he experienced the art scene of New York and the United States. Upon returning to his Italian home he felt restricted in his ability to express his emotions in his work. In 1978 he made the decision to move his wife, daughter and son to the United States and it quickly proved to be a commercially viable move.

His father had earlier questioned his decision to pursue art as a vocation but that fear quickly subsided when he began to work as a professional. Once in the United States other publishers saw the flowing gowns on beautiful women and strong men at their sides and hired him to paint manuscript covers for their books. Publishers such as Simon and Schuster, Harlequin, Dell, Bantam and many others proudly used his work on over 3,000 book covers. Another model from Milan, Fabio, became one of the models used on Pino’s many book covers.

After several years of painting book cover art and facing harsh deadlines from book publishers, Pino was looking to return to his love of art for the sake of art. His son had joined him in a family business, expanding his reach into the art world and turning his talent into a marketing company that was very profitable. He was able to take Pino artist from the traditional gallery exhibits to include other outlets such as books and magazines. Although Pino was not convinced at first, once his son was able to help him stick with his passion for painting, he accepted his future.

Trying to leave the world of illustration behind, he took a collection of his paintings and sent them to a gallery in Arizona, where it was well received. Following that display his art was in galleries in South Carolina and New York, where many pieces from Pino artist are still displayed today.

The simple approach he used for his subjects, including his embellished limited serigraphs, is still sought by collectors around the world. Pino passed away in March 2010 leaving a legacy of art that will be difficult to forget. His oil on linen paintings of 19th century women show beauty and strength, which is what helps make Pino’s art remain popular.

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