Pino Daeni's Legacy of Art

Italy is a common homeland for many artists throughout history. Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello from the classics and, more modern artists such as Raffaele Palma, Romano Dazzi and Eugenio Tavolara all call Italy their home. Pino Daeni is another famous Italian artist who brought classical style and form to the modern art world.

Pino's Journey to Immortality

Pino was born Giuseppe Dangelico Daeni in Italy on November 8, 1939. Even as a child he showed incredible artistic talent and, in the first grade, his teacher informed his father that the family should encourage Pino's artistic side, which the family dutifully did. Historical records indicate that, although his father remained somewhat skeptical about his son's artistic future, the family encouraged him as much as they could and supported him throughout his budding career. As Pino grew into an adult he continued to hone his craft and was essentially a self taught artist – receiving no formal training until adulthood.

Throughout his twenties and early thirties, Pino was awarded several prizes and awards throughout Italy. He was also accepted for commissions by two of the largest publishing houses in Italy, Mondadori and Rizzoli, for several book illustrations, which eventually went on to become his hallmarks. Although his work had grown and matured in Italy, Pino felt stifled and, in 1978, he moved his family to New York, where he set his sights on greater freedom with his work.

Pino Hits the States

Once in New York, Pino Daeni earned the sponsorship of the Borghi Gallery and began to hold shows both in New York and Massachusetts. Several publishing powerhouses were attracted to his style of painting as well as his preference of subjects – usually women in classical poses, reminiscent of the classic impressionists artists. Dell, Bantam, Simon and Schuster, Harlequin and Penguin all approached him to work with their authors on covers and Pino went on to create stunning covers for authors such as Danielle Steel and Amanda Ashley. Pino was the first artist to choose an obscure model named Fabio for his covers and, by the time Pino had worked his magic, Fabio had become an international superstar.

Pino's Lasting Legacy

By the end of his career, Pino Daeni had created over 3,000 book covers using his unique style of 'Pino Art' and had played a pivotal role in the world of publishing. Although he had a true passion for book covers and illustrations, Pino's first love was always stand alone artwork. His paintings continue to be shown in galleries all over the world and his prints now sell for thousands of dollars.

The publishing world may have benefited the most from Pino Daeni's vision, talent and dedication, but the entire art world is better off for having had him in its presence. His passion for Impressionism brought the classical look back to modern art. His loose but controlled brushstrokes gave us beautiful images of a world where men and women may have been set in rigid social and cultural roles, but once which looks beautiful to us, even now.

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