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Many of the great artists go through phases and changes throughout their careers. It is as if they never stop exploring different aspects of their own mind’s eye. Giuseppe Dangelico, known as artist Pino Daeni, is no exception to that. Every step of the way he remains true to what makes a Pino, but it is delightful to watch the evolution of this Master through the ages. From his earliest work in Milan with its delicate hues and obvious affection to his dramatic much more Americanized works in his later years his art takes on new depth.

Born November 8, 1939 in Bari, Italy his talent was recognized early. This self taught artist honed his skills by enrolling in the Art Institute of Bari, and followed that with the Academy of Brera in 1960. Over the next decade his work earned several prizes and awards and he was commissioned by Mondador and Rizzoli, two of the biggest publishing houses in Italy at the time, for book illustrations.

Relocating in 1978 to America his style changed, taking on the New York flavor that the next segment of his work enveloped so beautifully. It was the New York look that enabled his career to garner over 3000 book covers to his credit for publishers including Bantam, Simon and Schuster, Penguin USA, Dell, and Harlequin. His style to this day dominates the market.

The legacy he left behind is still gaining attention and fans worldwide. His prints and oils can been seen in galleries and high end retail markets, proudly displaying the distinct Italian countryside, the tenderly crafted women doing chores, and the wistful damsels he is so known for.

The nostalgic posing, the delicate hues and the playful way he tucks his alter ego (the little boy, often turned away but nearby) remained his signature touch throughout his early works. The drama and excitement of New York seemed to revitalize his vision and much of his later works had a stronger emotional tone, never quite to the dark side, but lest wistful and a more intense impact.

A Mother's Love
A Mother's Love

The list of his best known works reads like a shopping list of gentler times including titles like A Mother's Love, Affection, Afternoon Stroll, Best Friends, Day Dream, Evening Repose, Her Favorite Book, Morning Breeze, Reflections, Silent Contemplation, and Wistful Thinking.

Always elegant, more than a little magical, every piece has a touch of fantasy woven into it and speaks to the romantic in all of us. We can find ourselves wishing for a gentler time, a moment of peaceful repose, and a gentle breeze to contemplate life in. For giving us that we will always be a little grateful to this master of delicate brushstrokes whether we gaze at his works displayed in a gallery, or it catches our eye on a bookstand.

Cancer took artist Pino Daeni from us in May, 2010, but we can thank his son Max for ensuring his father’s legacy lives on for us all to enjoy for generations to come.

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suzettenaples profile image

suzettenaples 3 years ago from Taos, NM

It is so sad he has died of cancer. A wonderful artist taken too soon from us. This is such an interesting hub. I enjoyed his paintings immensely and the video is great. Again, thank you for another beautiful hub about this artist. Voted up.

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 3 years ago from North Carolina Author

Suzette - It is very sad but he has truly left a legacy with his art!

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