Polaroid 600 Instant Film

Can You Still Buy Polaroid 600 Instant Film?

There is good news. While Polaroid discontinued the film themselves, some of their employees (and customers) were so upset that they founded their own production factory where they will be selling Polaroid 600 Instant Film! Now their prices may be a little bit higher than before, but at least they are making this available to the public. They are called "The Impossible Project.: They are mostly working on their SX-70 film, which is an attempt at improving the 600 instant without changing it too much. Everything they are doing can be found on their website at http://www.the-impossible-project.com/. 

Amazon sometimes carries Polaroid products even if they have stopped making them. You will even find new products that have never been used. Just do a quick search for Polaroid Film and see what it comes up with.

Uses for Poloroid 600 Instant Film

Some people use Polaroid 600 Instant Film at their wedding. When guests arrive, they don't have them sign into a guest book  as in most weddings. Instead, they take an quick shot of the guests and out comes the pictures. It is pretty good quality on the Polaroid instants, although it is not great quality like other kinds of photos.


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