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Good slide example
Good slide example | Source

How to ruin a ppt presentation

Few days ago I want to visit a design school in France to pay my first visit there also to follow a project we commissioned to that school. It was my first time with the students ready and curious to listen and watch their Powerpoint presentations.

When I arrived I introduced myself telling a bit about my school background and professional one before sitting down and getting ready to listen to them.

4 projected presentations using a classic Powerpoint or other slide type presentation software tool. So they started illustrating their project research and design approach, each presentation was made of about 25 slides with photos, some text, and technical information. After almost 2 hours I gave a general feed back to help the students not to repeat the mistakes I saw while presenting.

The thing I did not understood is why design students presented ruined and non communicative presentations, basically a lack of communication skills. Worse I was there for the first time and I believe a design student should try his/her best to well communicate the project intentions to show skills and abilities to someone coming from the industry.

Well I felt like I was in front of engineering mechanical students making an anonymous presentation!

It is easy to ruin a Powerpoint project presentation, when we use this tool we must think of making a book or a film, we must have a sort of visual design interest, we must make it seductive, we have to mark our own style to be different and professional with an emotional side always present, a bit of surprise and good content.

How we do all this? We must design our PPT presentation and not just improvise it, good quality photos, good text, strong message, tags, key words, few animations, good impact with editorial graphics and most of all be SIMPLE!

Mistakes to avoid:

Never read what you have written on your slide, do not be a robot!

Too much text and small size! Boaring no one will read!

Art overload, too many pictures colors and graphic animations not good!

Bad color choice like violet green and yellow all together...disgusting

Absence of a real subject title

key words or tags instead of long text

great pictures big size

1 font and not mixing different fonts for lettering.

Two pictures show a good and a bad example just to be clear!

Sample of 2 slides same content different design
Sample of 2 slides same content different design | Source

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Curiad profile image

Curiad 4 years ago from Lake Charles, LA.

I agree that presentations must be graphically interesting. However, this article shows one slide with a load of data shown in an informative but uninteresting way while the other shows a pretty slide with no information at all.

A better way to illustrate your point might have been to show the second slide as a replacement of the first. In other words, show the data in a graphically pleasing way.

As is is this Hub is comparing apples to oranges.

luciano63 profile image

luciano63 4 years ago from Paris Author

Dear Curiad, I partially agree with you. The objectif is to show 2 different styles between which one is catching the attention in a positive way Vs the other one completely non interesting.

It is true I should have found or made my corrected interpretation of the first slide. You know what? I'll take some time to do it and I will substitute the image.

Thanks for commenting.

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