Professional prismacolor car sketches

I was reading an article about next VW B segment car for russian market and I saw this great prismacolor sketch.

I really like it, I remember all the prismacolor fast sketching exercises done in school. It is a very good way to learn how to sketch a car, how to understand 3D volumes and draw them and how to shade them to give depth and realism to the sketch. This prismacolor car sketch has been done by VW designers team, it is very professional with nice details even if it is not very exciting to see (referring to design students' eyes..). First of all look at the relationship between wheels and wheel wells, second all cut lines show the 3D of body section, good proportions between side glass area and side body lower part, the center line section very smooth and to complete my comment a real nice pencil shading.

Mercedes prismacolor sketch
Mercedes prismacolor sketch | Source
Lancia Flaminia blu prisma sketch
Lancia Flaminia blu prisma sketch | Source

The shading goes from left to right (darker to lighter) and this is done to give depth and dynamism to the sketch composition. The top of the car is darker in shadow while the side is lighter like if the sun was giving it light, the car shadow is concentrated on the front of the car because it places the car on the ground and also becomes its background (it frames the car sketch in space).

To obtain such good prismacolor car sketch we must remember to sharp often our indaco blue pencils, draw without pressuring too much our pencil on the paper (avoid to damage the paper with real scraches), use a pencil brush to keep our paper clean, use ellipse guides to draw nice wheels and wheel wells. When we apply the shading lets not forget to do it relatively quick trying to draw lines parallels to each others, when we re-pass to make darker the area we can also inclinate our line shading to creat a cross hatching effect.

Try and enjoy!

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© 2010 Luciano Bove

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Ms Chievous profile image

Ms Chievous 6 years ago from Wv

I love prismacolors.. you can get such color and shading!

luciano63 profile image

luciano63 6 years ago from Paris Author

Yes it is true! That's why we use it in car design. Thanks for your comment!

karan 6 years ago

good article and the sketch is very good


luciano63 profile image

luciano63 6 years ago from Paris Author

Thank you Karan.

aneeka 5 years ago

i am aneeka

hamid79 profile image

hamid79 4 years ago from Bloemfontein South Africa

i have the first addition draw a car like a pro

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