Realistic Portrait Drawing Techniques

Portrait drawing is a pleasant and stimulating leisure activity to engage in. It doesn’t make a difference should you decide on implementing pencil, charcoal or pastels, understanding how to draw portraits will provide you with a new knowledge of the best way to use a particular medium. Making use of a number of easy methods someone might take advantage of any difficulty degree of portraits. In the past thirteen weeks I’ve come to understand a number practices that can assist you to draw more effective pencil portraits.

The most important thing that that I prefer to undertake after I have my outline would be to begin at the eyes and work my approach towards the outer area on the face. (In case you are unclear how you can outline your entire drawing with this grid technique.) From here I had permitted the foreground as well as hair regions of the drawing to be without value. Doing it this way it helps to make it more convenient for me to render my way around the drawing significantly better by sectioning the places out.

After I am done engaging in drawing the face I proceed to the foreground and the hair. It is really critical to preserve the location of the source of light fixed when you are creating the values of the hair. If you carry out appropriately with this attribute it can lead to an extraordinarily significant effect on the overall impression of the drawing.

After accomplishing the hair style I proceed to the boy’s collar. I think it is better that you shift from back to front while developing the collar section of this kind of drawing. Make sure that you be familiar with the deeper parts of contrast when you bring this about. To ensure that means you may have to adjust to a darker pencil or perhaps build up the quantity of pressure on you current pencil in an effort to exhibit these locations with decreased light. You should definitely make use of the same concept if you are drawing the design on his shirt that way your drawing can get additional dimension. Maintaining in line with the identical frame of mind which you employed drawing the collar convey that to drawing the sweater accordingly.

Heading from the back to forward, start off behind the collar and work in direction of the viewer. While you are drawing this feature look closely at the decreased lighted regions of your drawing and visualize where the shadow will show up on the sweater when you are drawing it. Look at the consistency of the sweater. If you are using multiple techniques like crosshatching and also gradation concepts you could generate varied texturing affects. In addition, in case you adjust the degree of pressure that you apply with your pencil when you precede this affect is readily attained.

Should you will be certain to shadow the reduced lighted locations and utilize your kneaded eraser to lighten the lighter regions on your drawing it will start to seam more progressively realistic as you proceed . This provides me even more control by assisting me to emphasize the viewer’s focus to exactly where I need it to progress in the drawing. I really believe that using this method it certainly will add individuality and dimension to the completed product. Tip: I have discovered that when I flip over my drawing and return to it several hours later on before I place the last touches onto it provides me period to refocus and discover any kind of errors better. Finally, I prefer to go back over some locations on my drawing with a darker pencil to ensure that I am able to increase my values. After you have attained this place in you drawing you need to place the signature on the drawing and frame it should you decide to do so.

If you would like more portrait drawing tips then head on over to The Drawing Artists Blog.

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Nancy C Moores profile image

Nancy C Moores 3 years ago

I think that you draw beautifully. Such detail in your work. Really great thank you for publishing this article.

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