Romance Becomes Art in Garmash Paintings

Artists are often known for working alone and using life’s experiences as an influence. However, with Michael and Inessa Garmash their passion for each other has transcended their talent and has transformed them into arguably the best romantic painters in the world today.

Michael began exhibiting his talent at the age of three in his hometown of Lugansk in the Ukraine, bringing him to the Lugansk Youth Creative Center at the age of six where his teachers saw his raw talent and sent the youthful Garmash paintings to numerous exhibitions throughout what was then the Soviet Union. In 1987 he graduated from the Lugansk State Fine Arts College, becoming a teacher the following year.

His wife, Inessa, also a graduate from the Lugansk State Fine Art School was accepted into the school when she was only 17. Her passion was ballet and gymnastics and so she focused her studies in those disciplines along with music.

It was during this time that Michael noticed her and from memory painted her likeness all over town. When she noticed her likeness she understood the passion that he held and after a short courtship, they were married. It was a short courtship as Michael pressed to win over the heart of a woman he had only seen from a distance, and only once, but her image remained in his mind until he painted it around town.

Inessa’s talent for painting became obvious when their daughter Polina was just two years old. Michael had used her as a model for one of his school projects. Unfortunately, Polina found the painting while he was away and added her own artistic impression to the painting. When Inessa saw what their daughter had done, she fixed the painting to keep Michael from being upset about the painting. She packed up the painting for presentation and without him actually seeing the new work, she turned it in for review where it was received as being his best work.

Michael was able to recognize his wife’s work when he first saw the doctored painting and since then they have worked together on nearly every project in their gallery. Garmash paintings, drawings and mosaics have been exhibited around the world, including galleries specially selected in the United States, including The Art Shop in Greensboro, North Carolina. The Art Shop is one of the oldest fine art framing galleries, established in 1899, and in addition to the Garmash’s hosts other internationally acclaimed artists.

Their work reveals the passion in their romantic impressionist style, bringing to life the sensuality in their subjects through the way they have mastered the human figure in Garmash paintings. As they work together on their art their individual passion continues to be evident in their works. Their story of being brought together due to their love of the arts is a love story all its own. Their closeness to working together is a love story as deeply involved as their paintings and their passion combined is often realized by the paintings on the canvas.

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