Sabzi and Abstract Impressionism

Beginning at the age of twelve, Sabzi is now a world renowned abstract impressionist. As a native of Ahwaz, Iran, Sabzi utilizes his culture and past to fully impress on his viewers the messages behind both Eastern and Western philosophies. Sabzi was encouraged to pursue his artistic potential by both his parents and teachers alike.

Sabzi began his portfolio with paintings heavily realistic in style. He primarily explored the culture and history of his country. However, Sabzi was exiled from Iran when the Khomeini Regime took power. He went first to Germany and then to the United States. Exile had probably the best influence on Sabzi's artistic career as he was now able to fully explore and experiment with different techniques, styles, and subject matters.

Exotic Flower by Sabzi
Exotic Flower by Sabzi
Warm Afternoon by Sabzi
Warm Afternoon by Sabzi

Today, Sabzi primarily paints women. He paints them as he believes they should be seen: beautiful, graceful, and taciturn. However, he claims that these women are modern Goddesses, Madonnas, and religious or spiritual figures rather than anyone he personally knows. The anonymity of the faces of these women lends credibility to his claims of spirituality.

Sabzi is heavily influenced by artists such as Matisse. Such comparisons are drawn because of the way in which he uses colors and color schemes. However, Sabzi works hard to move beyond even his own influences to create pieces entirely modern and original. Despite this, his influences are readily apparent in all of his paintings. The most prominent of these is his Persian history and culture. Many of his paintings hold Persian themes and ancient figures.

As a modern artist, Sabzi is heavily inspired by his own personal memories, be they from his adult life or from his childhood. He states that he is often inspired by the patterns and colors of the Persian rugs his mother used to weave. He also states that, "My creations flow from the same source of energy and creativity that inspired my mother".

Adam and Eve by Sabzi
Adam and Eve by Sabzi

He combines bright, luminous spaces with somber, feminine figures. This juxtaposition might seem contradictory to the message at first but when viewers take a moment to ponder the meaning of each painting, they find the message to be quite apparent. History, culture, and spirituality are all prevalent and important in their interweaving existence in each painting.

As a true testament to his talent and creativity, Sabzi has also been known to dabble in sculpture. While not nearly as colorful as his paintings they still hold the same basic style and message as his painted works. Figures, some feminine and some masculine in nature, appear to dance up from their base to form some sort of scene. These scenes range from playing musical instruments to dancing. As with his other medium, the sculptures sometimes hold religious value. The most obvious example is the sculpture entitled Adam and Eve.

Sabzi has proven himself to be a master at combining ancient themes to modern artistic techniques. His paintings have been exhibited and collected all over the world. Using his personal memories, culture, history, and spiritual themes he paints vivid scenes that are meant to provoke the imagination and inspire people to see their own creative sparks and influences.

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4wardthinker profile image

4wardthinker 4 years ago from Sierra Nevada CA

His abstract art work is very beautiful. I would have never noticed his Persian influence in his paintings. They are very colorful and whimsical but not cartoon like.

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Better Yourself 4 years ago from North Carolina Author

Agreed, very beautiful! It's always fun to learn more about an artists inspiration. Thanks 4wardthinker!

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