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No More Polaroid Film

In February 2008, Polaroid announced that they were ending manufacture of all Polaroid film. It's an announcement that any Polaroid photography fan knows has been coming for awhile, since the company has been gradually cutting back on film availability in different formats.

Time Zero film hasn't been available for a couple of years and many of my favorite pack films, such as the T80 serie were pulled not too long ago. But it is still very sad news. The end of an era really, because there is nothing quite like a Polaroid photo.

If you're a Photoshop wiz, you might be able to duplicate some of the properties of a Polaroid photo in your digital pictures (such as that Polaroid Blue Sky), but you can never duplicate the tactile nature of Polaroids, their immediacy or their uniquenes.

Some of us Polaroid fans are hoping for a savior to come along, to at least preserve the format if not the name.

Fuji is already in the market with a small selection of instant pack films and they actually have their own instant camera that is marketed in Japan, so it isn't entirely a pipedream to suppose they might decide to cater to a specialty market. But if not Fuji, maybe someone else can save Polaroid -- Ilford is another company who might have an interest in the format.

If you'd like to see Edward Land's great film technology avoid becoming nothing more than a bit of history, then be sure to join the Save Polaroid campaign. You can read more about what folks are doing to help out on their website.

Polaroid Stop Motion Project

Everything looks different from Polaroid

Polaroid, the company, is based in my home state of Massachusetts and I pass their offices whenever I head north on Rte. 128. So when Polaroid announced in February that they were stopping production on all Polaroid film, it was inevitable that the Boston Globe would be publishing a story about it. And an excellent story it is.

Of course digital looks different. Everything looks different from Polaroid. Polaroids are thick, tactile, slightly unreal. If Polaroids were a movie, they'd be "The Truman Show." If they were novels, Philip K. Dick would have written them. How much you want to bet all the pictures in R. Buckminster Fuller's family albums are Polaroids? They're obsolete and futuristic at the same time, which is a hard trick to pull off, but the glory - and downfall - of Polaroid was managing to do it.

Read the rest at The Boston Globe

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My Polaroid Photography

I've posted several of my Holgaroids on the Plastic Toy Cameras hub, so you can see what some of my photos made with Polaroid pack film look like.

For this set, these were taken with the standard Polaroid 600 Integral film. Most of the shots were done with my Polaroid 690 SLR Camera.

In addition to my SLR, which is a very sweet camera, I also own a Time Zero camera which I picked up for a few dollars, a Polaroid Pinhole camera which is made out of cardboard, and of course my precious Polaroid back that I use with my Holgas.

The photo of the faucet was taken in a pitch black room. I was checking out the power of the Polaroid 690's flash. It is like a nuclear explosion *g*

Photo by Sean Tubridy
Photo by Sean Tubridy

Stock up on Polaroid Film

if you use Polaroid film and would like to continue using it, the time to stock up was actually back in February 2008, shortly after the announcement was made. But it isn't too late to find halfway decent prices on film if you are willing to look for bulk deals. Single packs of 10 images go for about $25 now, but you can do better by buying in bulk. I recently picked up 8 packs for $100 on Amazon.

Hugh Laurie in an 80s Polaroid commercial

Ali McGraw Polaroid Swinger Commercial

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monitor profile image

monitor 8 years ago from The world.

A sad, sad day indeed. Save Polaroid.

Your fan.


Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 8 years ago from Northam Western Australia

Your right on their. I do not think you can beat a real polaroid

I know digital is great BUT Its the convenience of what u an do with digital that really gets us in.

Raven King profile image

Raven King 8 years ago from Cabin Fever

You are a true artist! Once I borrowed the polaroid camera and ruined 5 ot ten photos! The whole package! I came home with amber squares! So when I got my camera cell phone then later my digital camcorder I found it easy to use.

I wish that the polaroid film could still be available because it is a good medium.

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 8 years ago

Ohmigod!! I hope someone does save them! I've always loved Polaroid!

Tommy 7 years ago

i need about a hundred to two hundred packs

steven 6 years ago

Check out for new Polaroid compatible film choices.

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