Scrapbook Paper for the Scrapbook-aholic

Are you already or are you rapidly becoming a scrapbook-aholic?

(You can answer "yes" if you are. I am --- and I'm far from being ashamed.)

If your answer is "yes" then we both know that we have to have scrapbook paper... and TONS of it!!!

Which size for scrapbook paper is the way to go?

Whether you're new to scrapbook papers, or have been scrapbooking for years, in my experience 12x12 scrapbook paper is the best paper to use. Did you know that you can get 12x12 scrapbook paper in an HUGE assortment of types, weights and finishes? Scrapbook paper can vary from store to store as well as from online source to online source. With that said, you have TONS of options to choose from! TONS!

Free Scrapbook Paper?

So you're on a budget? That's okay! We all have to limit our spending from time to time. Maybe I can help!

If you have the capability of printing onto large pages, I may have just the solution for you... Free Scrapbook Paper! Well, it isn't totally free. You have the cost for ink and plain white 12x12 scrapbook paper. That's right, printable scrapbook paper! But, it is as close to free as most of us can get and without a 5-finger discount!

Here's how:

There are tons of sites on the internet that offer free graphics to do with whatever you like. Use them on your plain white scrapbook papers?

  • Download a free graphics program.
  • Search for "free graphics" in google or yahoo.
  • Use the graphics program to open your newly found free graphics.
  • Convert the graphics into patterns
  • Print the graphics onto your white scrapbook papers
  • Repeat 'til your heart's content!

However you choose to acquire your scrapbook paper, I wish you the best with each of your future projects!

Scrapbook Paper Sources

I've selected a few sources from which you may get your very own top quality scrapbook paper.

You could choose to go with American Crafts. Having about 75 colors from which to choose, American Crafts also has texturized specialty papers, like Alligator and Corduroy. They're truly a great source.

Scenic Route Paper Company is a good source for both 12x12 scrapbook paper and layout ideas! they also offer scrapbooking kits, stamps and stickers for scrapbook papers! Ever thought about rub-ons for your scrapbooking albums? They have those too. has a nice layout that includes tons of themes & categories, like Christmas scrapbook paper and Wedding scrapbook paper from tons of collections and sources. You may want to browse through this site and then search another to see if you can find it at a lower price... possibly direct from the manufacturer. They also offer Disney scrapbook paper!

7gypsies also have a huge variety of products, including; their own colletions, scrapbook paper storage, stickers, stamps, packs, rubbings and tags! Try them out! They won't put a curse on you or your 12x12 scrapbook album.

Tip: Try using rice paper as one of your next scrapbooking papers. I think you and your scrapbook album will both be very pleasantly surprised!

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