Confessions of a Giant Scrapbook Albums Junkie

Giant Scrapbook Albums Junkie

Are you an avid scrapbooker with tons of scrapbook albums; from wedding scrapbook albums to baby scrapbook albums? Do you have thousands of soon-to-be used papers that you feel attached to? Colored pencils, pens, markers and stamps and scissors that you're drawn to, for your scrapbook albums?

Me too!

To tell you the truth, I have scrapbook albums for every important event that's happened in my life for the past ten years! I've come a long way since my first paper scrapbook album when I was a kid. I even sometimes volunteer to create scrapbook albums for my family, my friends, friends of my family, family of my friends and friends of my family. I won't turn down a new scrapbook album project opportunity.

I realize many of you probably don't have a lot of money and that you need to design your scrapbooks cheaply. I, in fact, don't have a lot of money, so every bit of extra income goes to buying new supplies for my scrapbooking albums.

My Scrapbook Album Supplies

that I've bought and/or somehow acquired are:

  • About 25 boxes of different scrapbooking paper, ranging in colors, weights, sizes and styles
  • I have somewhere between 400-500 different stamps (I wonder if I need to create a catalog for these too?)
  • Exactly 19 edging scissors for precise edges on each scrapbook page
  • Lots of colored pencils & pens, markers (permanent and washable,) and yes, even crayons
  • Three or four small boxes of ribbon and other related supplies
  • Two and a half boxes of stencil and templating supplies (I'm working on the third box!)
  • Stickers, stickers and even more stickers
  • A few types of adhesives, including: glues & tapes

My Library of Scrapbook Albums

Keeping up with my albums and scrapbook papers can sometimes be a tedious task, but I've come up with a great solution! I've recently come up with a fantastic way to have all of my scrapbooks organized. I now have three giant 12x12 scrapbook albums that I've used to create a "card catalog" of sorts.

How did I do it?

Well, it really is a secret, but here is a quick way that you can create your very own "Scrapbook Album of Scrapbook Albums"...

  • Get an empty 12x12 scrapbook album.
  • Create an index page that will be used as a reference to each section
  • Separate the album into sections and then each section into subsections
  • Further index, as needed.
  • Decorate!

It's really working well. You should try it!

My Other Hobbies

Making scrapbook albums is great, I love it. It's not my only hobby though. I also like to quilt (love the Big Book of Best Loved Quilt Patterns!) and sew. My seamstress skills are used mostly to make kitchen chair cushions but I'm working on learning to sew something new.

My name is _______ and yes, I'm a scrapbook albums junkie!

If you can insert your name into the phrase above, (like I can) yes... you are a Scrapbook Albums Junkie too!

If I were you, I wouldn't worry too much. Creating scrapbook albums is not a bad hobby to be addicted to. It may take some time for you to hone in on the skills needed to become a master of your own craft and could potentially take every penny of your extra income.

How to remedy an "on-the-way-to-the-poor-house" situation:

Make more money!

I realize that I'm far from being the "Scrapbook Albums Queen" but someday, yes someday the title will be all MINE!  But right now, I have a baby scrapbook album to make.

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Tom Cornett profile image

Tom Cornett 7 years ago from Ohio

I'll send this to my daughter ...she loves this stuff...thanks! :)

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