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Freebies... free digital scrapbooking stuff

In my first hub, where I spoke about my love for digital scrapbooking, I promised to write another hub with links to websites where you can download "freebies". I like digital scrapbooking because I find it makes pictures come alive and adds a whole new aspect to what might just be.. an ordinary photograph. Also, I find it is a lot cheaper than normal or traditional scrapbooking.. and in these times.. it doesn't hurt to save money wherever you can.. and still enjoy doing things that you love!

Online, there is a large community of scrapbookers who create and sell their own digital scrapbooking kits. This is great.. but what I find is even better - are the 'Freebies' which they also give away on their websites. Who doesn't like something that's beautiful.. and free? I know I do! Okay so what do I mean by freebies? Well basically this term refers to - free digital scrapbooking stuff like:

(1) Kits - these are folders that come with everything that you will need to do a nice layout. These kits are made based on a particular theme (such as for birthdays, love, beach, seasons etc) or color scheme. In a kit you will get different designer papers, borders/frames, elements such as ribbons, flowers, hearts etc, depending on the type of kit. Some kits even include the alphabet in a design to match the kit. I love to download freebie kits. It is easy and it helps when you are scrapbooking but having everything that you might use in one folder. However, I download lots and lots of freebie kits, so when I am making a design, I tend to mix and match.

(2) Layout Templates: sometimes you will find a freebie online that is a 'ready made' template. By this I mean - all you have to do is open it up in your photo editing program and add the picture to the template and there you go - you have a digital scrapbook page! This is good to do in cases where you are now starting off (experimenting with) digital scrapbooking or you just plain don't have much time that day and want to create something for a friend or to post on facebook etc. Also, they can help inspire you and give you creative ideas for your own pages.

(3) Elements/Embellishments: This is what made me fall in love with digital scrapbooking. The use of digital elements opens up a whole new world in scrapbooking versus the elements you will use when doing the traditional form of scrapbooking. Elements come in the form of buttons, stars, hearts, flowers, animal shapes, ribbons, frames, butterflies, etc. You name it.. and I am sure someone out there has created it! These elements or embellishments are used to enhance your photos and are placed on the different papers that are found in the kits that you download.

(4) Alphas/ Fonts: some freebie kits contain 'alphas' which is the alphabet but with various designs to match the kit. Also you can find workings that can be used to make your creation meaningful. In addition, you can find many downloadable fonts online that you can add to your font folder on your computer and these fonts can be used in MS Word and your photo editing program etc. I love to do this. I have lots of great fonts on my computer.

An example of this is the banner I created to advertise my blog Leandraluv..Life's moments. Oh and today I added a chat box thingy on my blog.. so if you do decide to take a peek at my blog.. please use the chat thingy! I would love to hear from you! Anyway, here I made use of the paper and embellishments I downloaded in one kit by Annabvdesigns and I used a font that I download and really like known as Impervious.

Use of a freebie scrapbooking kit

Okay, so now that you know a little about the things that you get when you download digital scrapbooking freebies... now to tell you where to find the good stuff. When I decided to write this hub I did not search hubpages to see if any other hubs were written like this. Well, there is another hub that has a great listing of digital scrapbooking freebies, written by becauseilive. I decided to still write my hub but to provide you with different links from that hub. But I should warn you - one or two of the links are the same. Sorry but this could not be helped! These happen to be digital scrapbooking designers that I really like and I just can't help it! 

Links to Scrapbooking Sites with many other links

Okay so first I am going to provide you with a few digital scrapbooking sites that contain many, many links to other great sites.

  1. Webseitler has a good site on Squidoo with Digital Scrapbooking Freebies. Here you will find links to the best of the best! She has many great links to scrapbooking sites, font sites and even links to get you started with digital scrapbooking. However, there are many links that you will have to go through to find what you like. When you have the time, check these out. In the meantime you can follow the links I will be posting to direct designers who I think are absolutely fabulous. I am almost certain that you will like them also!
  2. Scrapbookflair is an amazing site as well. You can become a free member and become part of a community of digital scrapbookers who share there work online. There are free kits that the site offers regularly. But let me tell you what I find is the ultimate greatest thing about this site - the Market Place Freebies! Yes folks! Here you can get thousands of freebies, with many people adding on a daily basis.. and you can browse through by categories. This is a great place to get to see other designers.
  3. Scraporchard is another site where many digital scrapbooking designers showcase their work. Again, this site is a useful resource to find many scrapbooking layouts. To find the freebies, you will have to go to the individual designer pages and look for the Freebie label that is commonly found on the side panel of their sites, under tags.
Okay, so I think these sites will keep you busy just going through and finding the things you like. Now let me refer you to my favorite designers. These links will take you straight to their websites and then you can simply search and find the freebies. Want a break? Okay.. let me share this other photo with you, before we move on. I hope you like it. It's from my wedding day. The pictures themselves were very bright and colorful so I did not use many embellishments. 

Our Wedding Day

My favorite Digital Scrapbooking Designers

Now for the really good stuff. You should definitely check out these links and start downloading your freebies. Remember to check the archives as well. There's lots of goodies out there for you to enjoy. These designers also have kits for sale. They are not expensive and its up to you if you want to purchase.. depending on what you plan to use them for. Remember, the freebies are for NON-COMMERCIAL use only. Okay, so let me stop blabbing and get on with it.

  1. Shabbyprincess is probably the most popular one of all. I love, love, love her work. I am sure if you are only just beginning to get into digital scrapbooking you've already visited her page. If not .. then you should! She's absolutely amazing. Very talented and creative. And the best part is that she gives away amazing freebie kits.
  2. Tracie Stroud Designs are terrific. You'd definitely find something you will want to use. And she offers lots of goodies... so make sure and check this site for some freebies. If you are pressed for time - she has a 'freebie' on it and you will be good to go!
  3. Delicious Scraps is one of my new favorite sites. There are tons of beautiful freebies there and they are easy to download - just click on the previews and the downloads start. I think this scrapbooker is very generous with her freebies and I really appreciate the great quality stuff that she shares! Thanks!
  4. AnnaBVdesigns is absolutely talented! I mentioned her above, and I used one of her kits to make the blog banner. You should definitely take the time to check out this link. Presently she has 31 freebies available. So what are you waiting for? No wait.. you have to finish reading my hub :-) I'm not finished yet.. then you can get going...
  5. Lilbitsandberries...doesn't the name alone make you want to check this site out? I particluarly like her 'everyday' and 'wubulous' kits.
  6. Mels light bulb moments is another great blog with wonderful freebies. With currently 128 freebies.. why not check it out?
  7. Nbk-nicnic is someone who's site I visited in the earliest and was blown away by her talents. Her kits were made around the theme love and I was fascinated by her designs. Check it out. You might find something you like. I know I did.

Okay so I tried to keep it down to my top 10 websites for digital scrapbooking freebies. Off course by clicking on these links... you will encounter many other links to other great sites. That's the wonder of the world wide web! So do enjoy. Go out there and create and preserve your memories! I do hope you enjoyed this hub and found it to both helpful and useful!

If you will like to see the camera that I use you can check the review I did on two Panasonic Lumix Cameras.

Some advice: Laugh Every Day!

Making Digital Scrapbooking Layouts

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Klassen22 profile image

Klassen22 7 years ago from Prince George

I have some cool freebies at my site


Leandraluv profile image

Leandraluv 7 years ago from Macae, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Author

Hey Pat .. no problem I will check it out.

profile image

SilverGenes 6 years ago

You have some great information here - thank you very much!

Leandraluv profile image

Leandraluv 6 years ago from Macae, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Author

Hey SilverGenes.. thanks so much. I am glad you found this informative! Glad to have you reading my hub.

prowork profile image

prowork 6 years ago from Marietta , Ohio USA

Thank you , I love the free stuff.

Leandraluv profile image

Leandraluv 6 years ago from Macae, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Author

No problem. You are most welcome! Enjoy!

Cindy 6 years ago

Great article! I have a blog with only freebies and I was just doing a little SEO research when I found you. I'm not going to post the url to my blog, but I just wanted to mention that all my stuff is also free for commercial use. I think more scrapbook designers are starting to offer CU freebies these days. In my case it's because I'm too lazy to follow people around to see what they're doing with the stuff they download! =)

Leandraluv profile image

Leandraluv 6 years ago from Macae, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Author

Hey cindy .. Please send me the link.. you can message me with it or post it here. I will check it out, add it to the hub and delete it from the comments. I would love to add your link to the listing!

Cindy 6 years ago

That's great, thanks! Take a look and see what you think. The url is

I don't have full kits (did I mention I'm lazy? =)) but I've got lots of bits and pieces - I'm actually getting close to 100 downloadable items now. My 100th item will have to be a celebration kit or something. =)

Leandraluv profile image

Leandraluv 6 years ago from Macae, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Author

Hey Cindy no problem. I will check it out today and add the link to my hub.

kristine 6 years ago

hi there you can actually visit this site to gather more ideas

Sebastien1 profile image

Sebastien1 6 years ago from Sunrise, Florida

thanks lee this is something i wanted to get into but never found anything definitely gonna look into it!!

Susan Starts Now profile image

Susan Starts Now 6 years ago from California

Great information - I am going to visit some of the sites you have mentioned.

amanda 6 years ago

check out this new blog for FREE digital scrapbook kits!

profile image

Solomon's Key 6 years ago

Thanks for this hub. I was curious about digital scrapbooking so I looked it up in HubPages and found your article. I'll need the resources listed here so I'm going to bookmark it. Very useful info.

Leandraluv profile image

Leandraluv 6 years ago from Macae, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Author

Hey Susan and Soloman no problem! Hope you guys found stuff you can use.

Monja 5 years ago

We give away a huge kit with newsletter signup in great quality, you might like to check it out :-) also, each newsletter includes a new freebie and there are 3 per week :D

Leandraluv profile image

Leandraluv 5 years ago from Macae, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Author

Hey Monja, send me the link and I'll check it out and add it to the hub so others can sign up and access it as well! Thanks!

Lui 5 years ago

thanks for a great list! i've recently discovered digiscrapping and have started experimenting on making kits..

Leandraluv profile image

Leandraluv 5 years ago from Macae, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Author

Hey Lui no problem! It's great right!

Liz Goltra profile image

Liz Goltra 5 years ago

Thanks for these great resources!

arusho profile image

arusho 5 years ago from University Place, Wa.

That's so cool, I did a physical scrapbook for my wedding pictures and it's big and bulky, but I didn't even think about doing digital scrapbooks!! I have used iPhoto keepsake books, where you can put your pictures into a book and get them printed out and sent to you in the mail, but digital scrapbooking sounds great! Great hub!

Leandraluv profile image

Leandraluv 5 years ago from Macae, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Author

hey arusho, i definitely think you should try the digital scrapbooking and there are many free kits online. i love it. haven't had the time lately but i need to get back into it. good luck!

ScrappyNat 4 years ago

Hi, just wanted to share a link to my digital scrapbooking website. I'm a fairly new designer, but I do have some great free kits available and am working hard to keep the freebies rolling.

Leandraluv profile image

Leandraluv 4 years ago from Macae, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Author

Hey ScrappyNat, i checked out your site and downloaded your 3 fantastic freebie kits!! Keep up the good work. thanks for sharing

ytsenoh profile image

ytsenoh 4 years ago from Louisiana, Idaho, Kauai, Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri

I love scrapbooking when I have time. This was an awesome hub with lots and lots of helpful and fun information. You're voted up. Thanks much.

Leandraluv profile image

Leandraluv 4 years ago from Macae, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Author

thanks ytsenoh!!

seabright7 profile image

seabright7 4 years ago from Seattle Area

Leandraluv, Great hub! I have been interested in scrapbooking but have yet to have taken a serious plunge. I think I will try digital scrapbooking first as I think I am more computer savy. Thanks for the info!

seabright7 profile image

seabright7 4 years ago from Seattle Area

So I started looking at the sites you mentioned in your hub and I found this site:

It has a lot of free embellishments.

donmanual profile image

donmanual 4 years ago from Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Your hub is a treasure!!! Thank you very much!

Monja 3 years ago

Awesome list, just love digital scrapbooking myself. Here is a link though to some tutorials for anyone who finds it as hard as I found to get started:

sparkleyfinger profile image

sparkleyfinger 23 months ago from Glasgow

Great hub. While digital scrapbooking is definitely a great alternative, I still love to have actual texture in my pages. However, I think this will come in handy for updating my bland blog! Thanks!

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