How to search for Transportation Design sketches

Nissan exterior sketch - 2007
Nissan exterior sketch - 2007 | Source

Dear friends,

searching for car design sketches,illustrations,digital art, renderings, tutorials, demos is very important for beginners. Transportation Design students or lovers need good quality references to see, understand and learn. If we want to draw well cars we have to follow car sketching lessons, but also we have to help ourself when our teachers and friends are not there with us to give us a tip or make a quick demo.

In this particular case we have to search for car shetching references and better quality we find the better for us.


So today i thought to write few lines about "searching for good references in car design" to help those that do not know yet the right websites about car design. The 3 images of beautiful professional illustrations and sketches I published is a good example of references type I am talking about. Remember quality!

Here a short list of car design sites:

CDN (Car Design News)

Car Body Design

Car Design Education Tips

SIMKO (Car design sketches collection)

ID Sketching (mainly Industrial Design, but also some transportation)

SketchCoffee (car sketching)

Olivier Poulet

Michele Leonello (designer and teacher tutorials and demos)

Miles Waterhouse (designer, tutorials)

Scott Robertson

Akos Szas

Transportation design
Transportation design | Source

In conclusion the strong advice I give you is to be curious, today with internet era it is a lot easier to look for things and infos, searching, surfing on line is fun and quick. We can save images and use them to sketch with a digital drawing palette (like Wacom ones),or we can simply print those images and using them as overlay to sketch on them to exercise and learn.

Got the point?

© 2011 Luciano Bove

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Adnan Hadi 5 years ago

Especially for beginers it is cricial to take high professional work as an example.

They have to analyse the work of the pros

and put certain things of it in their own work. That's how one's work will allways pop out in school by representing something professional.

On top of that, by time One creates an unique style.

Practise and draw, no matter how bad the final sketch or rendering will be! You will get better,

believe me! It takes some time, and there will be moments when your hand is shivering cause you nervous, that's normal. Don't have any respect for paper or pen, just draw bold with Self-confidence. And above all keep patient!

Thanks Luciano!

luciano63 profile image

luciano63 5 years ago from Paris Author

Thanks Adnan for your rich comment!

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