Shadowbox Custom Art Framing

In the world of custom art framing, shadowbox framing is in a special category. Shadowbox framing allows you to display your treasures that are not flat enough to be merely inserted into a frame. Shadowboxes are a great way to show off your mementos that are not considered traditional art: clothing, medals, sports memorabilia, etc. Almost anything can be placed inside a shadow box and displayed for all the world to see.

What Exactly Is a Shadowbox?

Shadowbox frames are structures which have not only length and width but also depth. The shape and dimensions can vary from long rectangular boxes to small squares and triangle shapes. This variety of shapes and dimensions means that almost anything can be placed in a shadowbox and displayed on a wall or table.

So what sort of items can be placed in a shadowbox frame? Well, as stated, the variety of dimension and shapes means that almost anything can be framed and displayed. Triangular frames are great for displaying flags that have been folded while small square shadowboxes can show off that prized baseball with that hard-to-get autograph. A tall rectangular shadowbox is perfect for a doll that has been a part of the family for generations and even that special collection of coins can be arranged and displayed inside a small shadowbox.

Because the items displayed in a shadowbox are rarely all a uniform size, it’s probably best that a custom shadowbox be designed for the item. The particular dimensions and angles have to be taken into consideration so that the proper amount of space around the item can be created. The result will be a more dramatic presentation of the item, rather than an item that appears to have been crammed into a tight space.

In addition to the size of the shadowbox, the background and matting will also have to be taken into consideration. The right background can bring the item to life and make it standout from framing. A special medal, for instance, will take on a more solemn appearance when placed on a black background. Consider the type of item and the importance of the item when considering a background material.

Displaying Your Precious Possessions

Not only are shadowbox frames a great way to display unusual items, but they can help protect them as well. Shadowboxes, when correctly created, can form an airtight seal around a prized item and keep it from being damaged by light or other factors. Cloth items including clothes and flags, for instance, can be sealed off from moths by a shadowbox. Paper documents, which are highly susceptible to air and light, can be placed behind glass with special UV coating that will prevent the harmful rays from penetrating.

Shadowbox framing is a great but seldom considered option for displaying items that would normally be stuck in a drawer or place on a shelf and forgotten about for years. They are perfect to bring out those items that you may not have even considered to be display-worthy. Take a look through your home today and discover the many items that can benefit from shadowbox framing.

Shadow Box in Picture Framing

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kelleyward 4 years ago

This is a great hub for learning to build your own shadow box. I think I could try this with my oldest son. He really enjoys making things. Thanks for sharing! Kelley

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 4 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks Kelley! Great idea - a fun summer project with kids!

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