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There are many car design enthusiasts around and on Facebook we can find many young students trying hard to draw cars dreaming to become car designers one day. For them I decided to make a very simple tutorial to help them understand that in order to start drawing cars we must start from drawing fundamentals rules. We must understand them to draw a car correctly in perspective, we have to exercise a lot to learn hot to draw shapes without problems, we must understand the very simple drawing rules to hope to draw a real car sketch in perspective adding all details and shading to make it look good!

So here a short list of solids in perspective with wheels, they are just simple solids and maybe a bit boring. However, if we learn how to do this well enough we can start drawing shapes that will start looking as cars on wheels.

The side view is important because it is not intended as a flat drawing, but as a drawing in perspective (1 point), the side V. gives us proportions the most important element in car design. No proportion no car!

The other excercises are just the side V. transformed into perspectives like Tip-Up, Top V., 3/4 Front a so on.

They are simple perspectives in fact in some cases (3/4 F and R) the Vanishing Point are to Infinite (horizontal side plane with parallel lines). The Tip-Up and Top are as we were looking at a car from a balcony on the first floor (3 points perspectives)

The most difficult perspective is the bottom right drawing, here we have a real 3/4 front 3 Point perspective on a tilted plane (no easy parallel lines).

the important tip here is also all the "minor axes" of wheels ellipses, in fact it is always the minor axe that goes to V.P. If you do this correctly your wheels will look good, unless it will look like your wheel suspension is broken!

My advice is to copy and try all if them many times to get it in your head, once this is done everything will be easier to start drawing real car sketches.

H-Point book is an excellent book to buy full of all those tutorial drawings, with clear explanations and also good car design fundamental rules. This book has been made by some teachers from Art Center College of Design school in Pasadena California.


© 2012 Luciano Bove

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