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Paintings and Drawings by Valerie Felice

Sunset's Dawn
Sunset's Dawn | Source
Pegao | Source
Contemplation | Source
Northern Flight
Northern Flight | Source
Ocean Surrender
Ocean Surrender | Source
The Gift
The Gift | Source
Sisters | Source
Longing | Source

Visual Poetry

Spiritual Aspects of Art

I have always focused on the spiritual in art.
Through the years I have been inspired by my dreams and other imaginings. My most powerful paintings came to me during the time my mother was dying. I recorded the images and published them as my masters thesis. The psychological process of this transformational experience was recorded. I called it Death/Rebirth, an Inner Journey of Spiritual Transformation.

In the 1970's I worked creatively with a group of dancers. I began to draw them as they moved and many of those drawings I translated into brush and ink sketches. At that time I was inspired by the work of Henri Matisse.

Some of my lighter paintings are inspired by music. For me painting is a spontaneous process. I am continually surprised by what appears on the canvas. I open my self and become a vehicle for the work to flow through me.

My most recent works are lighter and the subject matter less active. It seems that it is a refection of my life at the moment. I have actively become interested with drawing faces. Something I had not yet done up until now.

I still see myself as an abstract painter and even though I can render
any object, I prefer to add to this work the feelings behind what I am viewing.

My drawings of faces just naturally express more of the soul or essence of the subject than the form. I am not sure were this is going but I am enjoying the exploration.

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