Tips for Cardmakers: spelling & apostrophes

Spelling and Punctuation Tips for Cardmakers

Do you enjoy making cards for others? Or for resale?

If you're making a card for someone, they will no doubt appreciate the thought and effort you've put into it and won't mind too much about a bit of wayward spelling. But if you're making cards for resale, then they generally require stricter standards.

Here's a few of the most common mix-ups:

lose = opposite of find (or, in the sense of sympathy cards, to lose someone)
loose = opposite of tight (or escaped/undone, or "loose woman"!)

It's = it is
Its = belonging to it

you're = you are
your = belonging to you

they're = they are
their = belonging to them
there = opposite of here

If you're not sure where to put an apostrophe, just remember that it usually indicates that a letter has been left out:-

  • Mary's passed her driving test = Mary has passed her driving test;
    Michael's a star= Michael is a star

or to indicate possession:

  • Jim's birthday is special

Hint: you don't need an apostrophe in a straightforward plural, so usually there shouldn't be an apostrophe in a word at the end of a sentence:-

  • The cake has 40 candle's.

is NOT correct.

CORRECT: "could have", "could've", "would have", "would've"
INCORRECT: "could of", "would of"

There are exceptions to every rule but the above examples should apply to most cards/verses.


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