Taking Portrait Photographs with your Digital Point and Shoot Camera


A great portrait can be done with a simple point and shoot digital camera. There is no need to book a sitting with a professional photographer when you can take your own quality portraits right at home. All you need to keep in mind are some simple hints and tips to take a great portrait. Before you know it, all of your friends will be asking you to take their family's pictures!



One of the key things any professional photographer knows is how to work with light. Bad lighting can ruin a picture by washing out the subject or by over encompassing them with shadows. The light has to be just right when taking a portrait. If you want to take a portrait inside you should use soft lighting from something like a lamp- no spotlights or overhead lighting! Always use your flash when inside for the best possible picture. If you want to take your portrait in natural day light do it very early in morning at day break or wait until the evening when the light is the best. The sun is not harsh and glaring and the natural glow of the setting or rising sun compliments everyone.



In order to take good portraits, the subject should be the main focus and not their clothes or their background. Have your subject dress in neutral colors and no busy fabrics. Anything crazy will overwhelm the portrait and over take the person themselves. It is also a good idea to have a very subdued back round. If you are shooting inside you can hang a monotone sheet on a wall or use the wall itself as a portrait back drop. Do not use cluttered living rooms or bedrooms to take a picture because then the focus is forced onto the surroundings of the subject and not them personally. As for outside portraits, again do not shoot in front of busy streets, shops, etc. The best outside portraits are very simple in front fountains, trees, nature, beaches etc.



You need to be able to connect and make your subject appear happy, calm and interested. This can be one of the most difficult things for a photographer if the person they are shooting are just not completely on their mark. Your subject does not need to be a working and acting like a professional model but, a sense of understanding and cooperation go a long way. Make suggestions as poses and movements so that the subject feels comfortable. You do not want the picture to be forced or else it will show on camera. Have them spin around, jump up and down to loosen up. You can also practice taking 'action' shots as they do this for some more variety in your prints. After they have become more comfortable in front of the camera do not stop talking with them! You want them to have fun and be relaxed. This is key for a great picture.


Capture the Moment

Digital cameras are an ideal way to capture memories that will last a lifetime. Why bother with a professional when you can take your own pictures? In this digital age, now pictures are instant and easy to share via the internet. You can send all of your great moments to family and friends all with the click of a button. If you want actual prints, all you need to do is hook your camera up to a printer or take the memory card to a photo printer kiosk for quick and easy pictures. Just remember these tips and your photos will turn out fabulously. Digital photos are a great way to keep in touch and remember fond moments.


How Take Portrait Photos

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