The Allure of Pino Art

 Claude Monet, Impression, soleil levant
Claude Monet, Impression, soleil levant

The Impressionists were the painters of color, light and atmosphere. These were artists who initiated the ‘adventure’ of modern art. Impressionist art is a particular style whereby the subject image is painted in such a manner as if the viewer just captured a glimpse of it. Paintings are characterized by the use of quick and short brushstrokes of color.

Pino Daeni Art

Pino Daeni was an Italian impressionist who personified beautiful women in moments of sensuality, nostalgia, love and family warmth. Pino Art encapsulates and romanticizes the sensuous woman and feminine mother with bold brushwork to capture his subjects.

Using pastels, his brushstroke subjects are characteristically painted in soft, warm hues and often contrasted with vibrant, flowing skirts and frocks. Although Pino painted strong masculine men, the prominence of women in his paintings is a reflection of his childhood during the war years when he was surrounded by women and other children.

Women in Pino’s art are portrayed in the classical sense – beautifully proportioned, elegant, romantic, yet in forlorn. Wives and lovers are depicted lost in their trail of thoughts; some anxiously awaiting their partners. Mothers with their children are painted with a sense of belonging and deep love for each other. In essence, the allure of Pino Daeni art lies with his masterful skill in figurative fine art painting and his ability to capture a transient movement and expressions with skillful brushwork.

The appeal to his art lies in the complex blends of pastels, textures and brushstroke techniques that seem to hone in on the subject matter; and yet an ability to stage the background scene with clever intricacies. Pino Art is a seductive melting of the subject into the painting’s whole entirety.

Pino Daeni
Pino Daeni

About Pino Daeni

Pino Daeni was born Giuseppe Dangelico. He moved from Italy to the United States in the late 70s in search for greater artistic freedom and opportunity. In the early 80s, a book publishing company commissioned Pino Daeni to illustrate his first book cover. His style soon became popular and his art was in demand with other literary establishments such as Penguin USA, Simon and Schuster, Bantam, Harlequin and many more.

During his time, Pino Daeni was one of the greatest romance illustrators. Having illustrated around 3,000 books Pino Daeni became the highest paid book illustrator at that time. Opting to use Pino Daeni as his pseudonym, he became widely known as the artist who made Fabio “a household name in the world of romance” by painting him on numerous romantic book covers.

The Pre-Raphaelites and Macchiaioli were major influences in Pino’s early works. The Pre-Raphaelites were a group of artists who wanted art to return to the romantic era prior to Raphael, while Macchiaioli concerns art in everyday Italian life. These influences not only set the bar for contemporary realism, but it carved the way by which Pino captures the subject matter. Pino’s particular style and his innate ability to ‘capture’ the moment garnered a following. With such following and admiration, his paintings are saught after by collectors and aficionados throughout the art world.

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suzettenaples profile image

suzettenaples 3 years ago from Taos, NM

Beautiful hub! Again, this is not an artist I am familiar with, but I have certainly seen many of his book covers with Fabio. I just didn't know who created them. I love impressionism and it is my favorite period of art. I love the glimpse of a moment in time. I love the brushstrokes and the lighting of paintings during this time period. That Pino has resurrected this period in his art is beautiful. I love the paintings you show here of the mothers/women and children. They are lovely, wispy, and sentimental. Thank you again for introducing us to an new and modern artist. Great work! Voted up and shared!

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 3 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks Suzette! He's a favorite and I'm in awe of how beautiful his works are.

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