A Beautiful Photo Diary of Fall At a Lake

Pics by Nancy

I love all the seasons but if I had to pick I think Fall would be my favorite. We just left New Jersey after 4 years and I thought I miss the New England colors. I had forgotten the beauty of our lake home in the Fall. Every window gives you a different glimpse into the season. You never have to leave the house but I would not recommend it because you would miss so much. Autumn at the Lake is a sight for sore eyes. It has a way of awakening all your senses, the crispness of the air, the reflection of the golden and red leaves on the water, the smell of fires

My husband and I spent last week at the lake, the second week of November. One of the advantages of living in the South is that the color of Fall lingers and is no hurry to get ready for the winter snow although lately we do get some of the white stuff. As we opened the shades all I could think was what took us so long to get here. I felt such joy and peace. Every moment of the day was different as the sun moved its angle on the trees. Even a little rain was pretty. Some cold weather came through Friday and that just gave us a chance to enjoy the house and season more. We put a fire in the fireplace and just sat back and relaxed.

The next morning was a beautiful cold day with the condensation from the water coming off the lake as my young foster son went out for a morning ski before he and my son and my daughter in law left for a Clemson Foot ball game. We had to leave that evening but it was so difficult to get ourselves out. I know I was stalling and if in ay way I would have stayed longer.

Now back in the city it is still pretty but I can't get my week off my mind. If someone dared me I would head back out there If only for a couple of days. I heard a cold front may be coming through but if any leave remain my husband and I may try to make one last journey our there for the scenery.

It puts you in a peaceful state of mind that is different from anything I can explain. You walk and work at a slower pace and life just slows down. It does not really matter what we have to eat or drink only that we are in the midst of God's glory. I would like to share with your some of the photos I shot last week . I hope you enjoy them as much as we do. And remember if you every have a chance to visit a lake home in the mountains, never pass it up. You will never know what you are missing. I miss my week and it has only been four days. I look forward to next fall when I will try and spend two weeks at the lake. It only comes once a year and it is a season you don't want to miss.

I hope your Fall has been as enjoyable and beautiful as mine has been.

Pics by Nancy

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Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 5 years ago from Houston, Texas

Oh my! Brings back childhood memories of the Fall season as I experienced it. Loved these beautiful photos. Thanks!

nancynurse profile image

nancynurse 5 years ago from Southeast USA Author

Thank you I am trying to become a photographer so I am a NEW learner. I love the Fall season.s

nancynurse profile image

nancynurse 4 years ago from Southeast USA Author

So glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading and commenting.

lindacee profile image

lindacee 4 years ago from Southern Arizona

Beautiful photos! I'm sad that fall is almost over. It is my favorite time of the year also!

nancynurse profile image

nancynurse 4 years ago from Southeast USA Author

Mine too.

epigramman profile image

epigramman 4 years ago

Good morning Nancy of such nice pictures - you make me yearn for fall once again but currently in the deep freeze of lake erie time ontario canada 1:24am I guess I'd better yearn for spring first (lol) - but thank you for your love of beauty, life and family ......and sending warm wishes to you on a good night here

nancynurse profile image

nancynurse 4 years ago from Southeast USA Author

Thank you, So glad it triggered happy memories.

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