The Elusive Starsky Sweater Knit Pattern

Starsky Sweater Lookalike Pics

Looks so 70'ish but comy to wear for some real action.. take your pick!
Looks so 70'ish but comy to wear for some real action.. take your pick!

Make Your Own Starsky Sweater

Why this hub? Because I've been searching for the EXACT pattern of the Starsky and Hutch sweater and I couldn't find it. What I found was that there is only one site selling these sweaters and it costs 175 plus shipping fee. The site is not located in the USA thus, the shipping fee for anyone who wants to purchse their sweaters.

Anyway, because I've known a lot of knitters in Baguio City I wanted one of my own. That's why I needed to have the pattern and could hardly find it anywhere on the world wide web. I wondered why until I came across a David Soul interview. He said something like since Starsky and Hutch (the movie) was made, even the "sweater design" was patented. That menas that you won't find ANY Starsky sweater on sale in cyberspace by legitimate online stores -- I even tried ebay. Nada.

Then I found out that in Hongkong and China you can find a ladies sweater SIMILAR to Stsrsky's sweater except that you woud have to.. well. naturally GO THERE. I found and purchased one anyway and it looked a LOT like the Starkey sweater BUT it was "different" in the inverted V design on the sleeves and the middle.

Again I recalled that it was David Soul who said that you can only fnd these sweaters in Mexico. I mentioned that to a friend in CA who was patient enoughto collect all the mid-70's kinitting magazines and FOUND several patterns closely matching the Starsky Sweater. Sweater No. 54, see pic, is almost the same except for the V on the second "part" of the design. Starskyhad inverted V's instead, but it is pretty close and knitters would knw from the pattern HOW to make the adjustment.It is relatively easy, if you have average knitting skills and if you really WANT something like Starsky's sweater!Also notice on the pics how Ben Stiller's cardigan is almost the same as that on pic number 54. Makes me wonder if the Paul Michael Glaser and Ben Stiller wore exactly the same cardigan... maybe not, but it does look the same. This same design is also called "The Marilyn Monroe Sweater" because she was photographed wearing the same sweater design too.

Here it is It's a Do It Yourself project that you can start NOW. It's a great Christmas gift idea and you're sure that every Starsky and Hutch fan of the 70's or 2004 will love it. After all, who wouldn't want to wear something that Ben Stiller or Paul Michael Glaser wore... or something VERY similar to it, plus you get to choose your own colors too IF you want to display your individualism but you love the series or the movie!

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Rigo 4 years ago

Hi everyone

the real sweater (Marilyn monroe and pmg are wearing)is a:

CHICONCUAC (named after the littletown nearby Mexico city)

They are made out of wool and are pretty thick and warm.

they are cheap out there ..not online $180 us dlls to $249 us dlls out in Europe.

they are diferents from from the one all the way above

uck ian  5 years ago

ordered starsky sweaters and they weren't exactly the same. i am unoimpressed with ian too and i'm telling you people i do not recommend that you buy but make your own. his prices are exorbitant and it isn't worth his poor quality.

debugs profile image

debugs 5 years ago from Odessey777, Umbris Author

Gordon Shumway 6 years ago

Mary Jane, I think you are a liar. I have contacts at Warner Brothers in the costuming department and they said only 2 sweaters were made for the movie, and they were done in house not by outsiders. So, if you really did do them, prove it and post the images of your pay stubs. Show us the proof. Otherwise, you are just one more liar making false claims. Have a wonderful day.

debugs profile image

debugs 6 years ago from Odessey777, Umbris Author

Yes, I promise NOT to include your email.. yes, it's funny how people react to a sweater (particularly Paul Glaser fans.. and how some wanna bash each other over it.) I am SO GLAD you came out though to put an end to speculations that this or that person knitted this or that sweater. I like Ben Stiller's sweater btw :) It looks almost the same as Paul Michael Glaser's Starsky Sweater and to think Paul said that he wasn't even crazy over it -- his fans are!

Mary Jane 6 years ago

Sure. You can interview me. :)

I will email you separably. I don't want my personal email on a blog, right?

Great to meet you and it's fun to see how many people have interest in this sweater. Certainly I found my own version of the honeycomb stitch but essential created the fair isle pattern from sight off a Paul Michael Glacier photo the stylist/costume designer sent me.

Mary Jane

debugs profile image

debugs 6 years ago from Odessey777, Umbris Author

@maryJane - Thank you. Can I include your comment (and you can add more) in my blog? please email me at So many people would wanna hear from you. Oh, I love Ben STiller too!!!! Thank you for making it CLEAR TO ALL that you were the knitter! Can I interview you?

MaryJane 6 years ago

Ok, it has to be said....I knit this sweater for the Warner Bros movie. I realise there are many people out there that claim to be the knitter but I assure you, it was me. I managed 6 hand knit sweaters fir the Starsky character Ben Stiller portrays. I have all the receipts and paystubs from Warner Bros to prove it. Sorry, it's just that I keep coming across all these websites where people are trying to take credit for the work. Each sweater takes approximately 80 hours. If you're interested to know the full details, I.e. Pattern, yarn quality and needle size, I will be releasing the kit in 2011. I will also release a luxury version in 100% cashmere.

debugs profile image

debugs 6 years ago from Odessey777, Umbris Author

You can find it if you knit. HERE... DOUBLE CLICK THE Magazine photos so you get a CLEAR pic

@Benjamin --I found one, not exactly the same but similar at Ebay. Search for Lebowski sweaters! Why do you sound so angry? lol! This is knitting pattern we're talking about. Are you the same Ian selling starsky sweaters from Brazil? Instead of being so angry you could have written my website and I could have accommodated you.

Benjamin 6 years ago

So you cannot find one anywhere?! BS! what about the womans one you found, where did you get it from??

debugs profile image

debugs 6 years ago from Odessey777, Umbris Author

Hi Gisele, yes I understand :) We can dismiss some of their mad fans anyhow and perhaps visualize Ben Stiller instead as Starsky wearing the sweater. lol! I got these patterns from a vintage magazine that someone gave me and I thought of sharing it with knitters. It is a very old magazine btw, 1974 ... and they are actually known as Mexican knit patterns ! Thank u for reading! Some of these fans are above 50 and have a tendency to be combative in the comments... I don't even know why when clearly this hub is about a sweater and knitting pattern. Maybe it's menopause..

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Giselle Maine 6 years ago

Great hub! OK, the comments have me a bit confused and I have no idea who Glaser and Soul are, but as an avid knitter, I LOVE those designs! Pic 53& 54 are great! I also note that upon close inspection of the Starsky sweater, its background seems to be moss stitch or some other variant... it appears rather textured, compared to stocking stitch on pics 52-54. I think there is a lot to be said for bringing out some of the vintage knitting patterns, these ones don't look overly dated even though they are from the 70's. Anyhow, an informative, well written hub and you've clearly researched the topic well.

debugs profile image

debugs 6 years ago from Odessey777, Umbris Author

@Ian.. every comment against David Soul has been deleted.Please do not harass my hubpages, this is NOT Paul Michael Glaser's BLOG!!!

And @Unimpressed with Ian -- we are on the same side! I have no idea why a small batch of Glaser fans make it their obsession to criticize David Soul... we are VERY MUCH on the same side (read between the lines..)

debugs profile image

debugs 6 years ago from Odessey777, Umbris Author

Here's the link for the INSTRUCTIONS on the Starsky Knit Sweater

Unimpressed with Ian. 100% 6 years ago

Ian R.,

Been to your site several times, and even though I am an accomplished knitter in my own right, I actually considered buying one of your overpriced cheep imitation didn't get the pattern right sweaters....

Exact copy my ass! Anyone with eyes can tell there are several things wrong with the pattern on your sweater!

Since your rude, unnecessary and totally uncalled for comments above about David Soul, you won't get my business. And I will tell everyone I told about your site to check out the comment you just made on this site. I'm sure EVERY ONE of them will decide not to order from you now.

How dare you! How f*cking dare you make those comments about Mr. Soul! Who the Hell do you think you are?! Your nothing more than a cocky SOB!

You really think you are the only one who can make a Starsky Sweater, or rather whoever you got making them for you?

Think again, I now have a pattern of my own that a good friend (who is a better knitter than I am) made from pictures of PMG wearing it, and am currently working on it right now. AND WE GOT THE PATTERN RIGHT!

And you know what, I plan on supplying the pattern to anyone who wants/asks me for it free of charge. I'm not a greedy SOB like you! Speaking for myself, I'd rather spend $500 dollars on yarn and countless hours of knitting to make one myself, then spend one dollar on one of yours. And I'm sure more people will feel the same way once they see what you so rudely said on this site.

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