The Fine Wine Paintings of Thomas Arvid

“Wine is about friends and family getting together” – Thomas Arvid and the inspiration behind his masterpieces.

The magnificent artwork by Thomas Arvid is best described as lifelike oil-on canvas paintings of wine. At first glance you can be forgiven for mistaking his extraordinary compositions as photo images. The uncanny resemblance to the real life image, right down to the finest details, is simply remarkable. Using a kaleidoscope of colors and elaborate detailing techniques, Arvid’s vivid pieces are remarkably projected to offer viewers a sense of respite.

Arvid has an innate ability not only to capture the moment on canvas but to transpose it into realistic still-life creations by the strokes of a paint brush. With each composition there is wonderment in the way the pieces capture all the wonders that integrate wine and the way of life associated with its consumption. His style of realistic abstract compositions has been described as refreshingly breathtaking by traditionalists and modernists alike.

Wine as a Common Thread

Arvid’s sense of taste to the world of fine wine was probably initiated when he was commissioned to paint a bottle of Silver Oak cabernet; a task that required him to taste the wine before painting it. Arvid goes on to explain the connection between wine and his style of painting, "With my paintings, there is never a complete subject; everything is interrupted. I show fragments of things and your mind creates the rest of the image. Wine is a great subject for this because it has so many elements: hot and cool surfaces, fluid, wood, chrome, cloth. But most importantly, it is familiar. You know it, so your mind fills in the composition with your own experience."

Using wine as a form of differentiation, Arvid explains, "The hardest thing about being an artist is deciding what to create next, because really, the possibilities are endless. Early on, I knew I needed to focus, to not be all over the place, so I decided to paint things that were Red: Red Converse, Red Coke cans, Red Radio Flyer wagons. All those red icons we see around us, and red wine was one. That first wine painting had so much impact. I did another, and another. Then I realized. This is it. It has all the elements that intrigue and challenge me as an artist: color, contrast, cool and warm surfaces, a range of color and texture, and an unlimited number of possible compositions."

As his brushstroke subject is the much loved drink, Arvid’s collections are naturally a favorite among vineyard owners and wineries – the luminary list include Silver Oak Cellars, Shafer Family Vineyards, Florida Springs and Diamond Creek Winery. Arvid’s talent of using light and color to capture the intricacies of wine have brought him respect and acclaim with works presented in galleries across the country as well as being featured by several influential publications such as Wine Spectator, Art World News, and US Art just to name a few. Internationally, Arvid’s artwork is in demand with elite Canadian and Japanese art galleries showcasing his work.

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suzettenaples profile image

suzettenaples 3 years ago from Taos, NM

Great hub and subject to write about! I have never heard of him or seen his paintings before. You are so right - these are remarkable. I love them and each on is a story in the making. I love that they are so real. They are beautiful and warm. Thank you for introducing us to a new artist and his paintings. Beautiful! This hub is so well presented also.

Gypsy48 profile image

Gypsy48 3 years ago

Very interesting hub. The paintings are stunning and I would love to own one. A very talented artist, thanks for sharing.

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 3 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks Suzette and Gypsy48 for stopping by and checking out my hub! Thrilled to introduce you to Arvid's work and he is truly amazing to paint so realistically!

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