The History and Talent of Vidan

In 1965 in the Italian town of Perugia, nestled in the mountains between Rome and Florence, a young artist who goes by the name Vidan was born. When he was very young his family took note of his passion for art and had it not been for his uncle, Pino Daeni, his family may not have been so supportive of his love of art.

When his uncle Pino was a child his flair for painting was noticed by a teacher who advised his parents to help him pursue his talents and with some reluctance they did and he blossomed into one of the finest impressionists artists of this century.

Vidan’s family however recognized his talent and helped him pursue his dream and watched his talent mature while he completed training in some of Italy’s finest schools such as the Liceo Artistico di Milano and later at the Accademia dell Belle Arti in Brera. His art influences, including his uncle Pino, included Raefael and Macchiaioli, early Italian painters.

His uncle Pino moved to the United States in 1979 and Vidan followed in 1988, where his art was recognized and he took work as a cover illustrator for romance magazines. For 15 years Vidan artwork appeared on book covers for major publications such as Doubleday, Harper-Collins, Harlequin and many others in the trade. He also has painted artwork for Vogue Italia and MaryKnoll greeting cards but his sights remained on being recognized as a fine arts artist.

After 15 years of illustrating book covers, in 2004 he saw his dream materialize as his career as a gallery artist took off. Today, many of his portraits and landscapes can be found in many of the finest art galleries around the world and he has earned the reputation as a top expressive artist. His works in oil on canvas reflect his ability to use light and minimal background to create his impressive works. Many of his portraits, especially those used for book illustrations use female models in various stages of dress.

Until his uncle’s recent passing, Vidan could often be found in the studio painting side-by-side with Pino, who had been born Guiseppe Dangelico. His art attracted the attention of Zebra Book Publishers who hired him to illustrate the covers of two books. His influence in the world of commercial art was instrumental in Vidan’s entry into the illustration world of art. When Pino turned to creating fine art that is still displayed in many galleries it offered Vidan the encouragement needed to make his own move to gallery art.

His portraits often viewed as sensuous, depict a wide range of emotions in the subject and the vibrant colors he uses seems to bring his landscape paintings to life. His first two paintings to be published by Mill Pond Press, signed and numbered are entitled Sunbathing and Dawn’s Reflection. Both use lighting to capture the warm mood of a woman welcoming the sun. The emotions depicted in the painting, perhaps a reflection of his personal desire to become an artist, invoke emotions such as promise and memories.

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Enzie Shahmiri profile image

Enzie Shahmiri 4 years ago from Laguna Hills, California

What a great painting!

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 4 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks Enzie! He is an amazing artist!

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