The Photography of Nan Goldin

Believe it or not, this photo is titled Guido Floating
Believe it or not, this photo is titled Guido Floating


Nan Goldin is an American photographer who has experienced major cities all over the Northeast, including Washington D.C., where she was born, Boston, where she grew up, and New York City, where she moved to after starting her photography career.

Goldin's subject matter is often sexual, but also includes influences from the gay community and the New York transsexual community. She also was a pioneer in the grunge style that became huge in fashion magazines in the early 1990s.Goldin would later condemn using her photos to sell clothes, as her subjects were not typically ideals of good health and offered from substance abuse issues. In fact, the theme of abuse seems to resonate in many of Goldin's photographs, which makes their use for commercial products very curious.  

Ally Sheedy (the girl from The Breakfast Club with the dandruff issues) played Goldin in the 1988 movie High Art. 

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